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What is the value of a 1944 prince dime worth?


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Assuming you're referring to a 1944 U.S. dime, the proper name for it is either Winged Liberty Head Dime or Mercury Dime. 1944 is a common date for Mercury dimes. In circulated condition, its value is based only on the silver it contains -- currently about 50 cents. Even nice uncirculated ones are generally only worth $4-$6 My guess is a Canadian dime with the portrait of King George. Still a common coin and worth even less than the US Mercury dime.


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A US dime dated 1944 is a Mercury head dime, it's very common with a likely value of $2.00 just for the silver.

A '44 Mercury dime is worth about $2.50.

a 1944 dime isn't rare for that year.a d mark is worth about a $1,a p mark is $1 and a s mark is about 2 or 3 dollars. <><><> ANY 90% silver US dime is worth $3.44 for the SILVER content as of this morning. In addition to any collector's value. 4/25/11

Because the value of it is worth half the value of a dime.

A US dime dated 1944 is a Mercury head dime, it's very common with a value of $2.00 just for the silver.

$1 in circulated condition.

A 1944 mercury dime is worth $________ if it is in G4 condition- $1.25, F-12 condition $1.50, VF-20 $2.00, EF-40 condition, $4.00, MS-60 condition $10.00. There were 231,410,000, 1944 dimes minted that year.

This common card is worth less than a dime.

If it is a circulated dime, then it is worth about $1.00, mostly depending on the value of silver

the dime in 1946 was worth $1.40

There is not any significant value of a dime from 1981. A dime from 1981 is simply worth ten cents.

The value of a US dime marked "ten centavos" is zero, since it is a fake. A real US dime is marked "one dime," not "ten centavos."

A 1988 dime is worth 10 cents.

An uncirculated 1964 dime is worth $1.35.

it is called a mercury dime it is worth 1 dollar to 50.00 dollars depends on condition

Novelty coins have no numismatic collectible value.

About $2.20 for the silver content. If it is only in fine condition, it is such a common year it is worth no more than melt.

The U.S. has never struck a gold dime. A coin that size made of gold would be worth many times more than 10 cents. Your coin is an ordinary silver dime that was plated for use in jewelry or something similar. As such it's only worth its melt value, about $2 as of early 2011.

What is the value of a 1939 dime coin and the value of a 1944-1945 dime

It's a common date, currently worth about $2.

Well, it depends on what kind of dime. A modern U.S dime is worth 10 cents.

The 1969-S dime is a Proof coin, that's why it has higher value.

If it's a U.S. dime with a date of 1944, it's a Mercury dime.

a 1936 dime is called a mercury dime. they aren't rare so they are worth around a dollar

A 1885 dime - aka - Seated Liberty Dime - in MS60 condition is worth: $200.

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