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According to the collector's price guide, "Team Baseballs," your ball is worth between $200-250, with value being greater or lower depending on exact players present - in particular, the inclusion or exclusion of Hall of Famer Frank Robinson - plus the all-important overall condition of the ball and Autographs. These were not great years for the Reds, and values reflect that, but it was Robinson's "Rookie of the Year" season, and that's important. Other key factors include type of ball (is it an "Official National League" ball?), whether there are any "clubhouse signatures" (autographs signed for players by ballboys, attendants, etc), and total number of signatures present. These factors, plus the authenticity of all the significant signatures are the main variables in determining value.

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In baseball what is the Big Red Machine?

The Big Red Machine was the nickname for the Cincinnati Reds baseball teams from the years 1970 -1976.

What are Ohio 's two major league baseball teams for Ohio?

The Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds.

What baseball teams did ken griffey jr play on professionally?

seattle mariners, Cincinnati reds, and Chicago white sox

What baseball teams play their home games in cities located in Ohio?

In MLB it's the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds.

What has the author Mark Allen Baker written?

Mark Allen Baker has written: 'Title town, US' -- subject(s): Boxing, History 'Team baseballs' -- subject(s): Autographs, Baseball players, Baseball teams, Baseballs, Collectors and collecting, Registers 'Baseball autograph handbook' -- subject(s): Autographs, Baseball players, Biography, Calligraphy, Collectors and collecting 'Goldmine price guide to rock 'n' roll memorabilia' -- subject(s): Collectibles, Rock music 'Advanced autograph collecting' -- subject(s): Autographs, Collectors and collecting, Facsimiles 'Title town, US' -- subject(s): Boxing, History 'The standard guide to collecting autographs' -- subject(s): Autographs, Collectors and collecting, Prices

How many Major League Baseball teams are in Ohio?

Two teams are in Ohio. The Cincinnati Reds are in the National League Central Division and the Cleveland Indians are in the American League Central Division.

What were the first eight national league baseball teams?

The National League was formed in in 1876 with the following teams: Chicago, St. Louis, Hartford, Boston, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

Is there more football teams or baseball teams?

There is more football teams than baseball teams, football has 32 and baseball has 30

What all the baseball teams?

There are 30 baseball teams.

What sports teams play home games in cities located in Ohio Cleveland Indians Chicago Bears Detroit Lions and Cincinnati?

The following teams play in Ohio Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Bengals

What Major League Baseball teams have four letter names?

Chicago CUBSCincinnati REDSNew York METSTampa Bay RAYS

What were the names of eight national league baseball teams in 1900?

In 1900 the eight National League teams were, in order of finish: Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and New York.

What teams did Alex Johnson play for?

Alex Johnson is a former professional baseball outfielder. Some of the teams that Alex Johnson played for included: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and the Los Angeles Angels.

What are the baseball teams to make the playoffs?

what teams are in baseball playoff

What baseball teams play in Indiana?

there is no baseball teams in indiana.

Who are the original major league baseball teams?

The first professional baseball team was founded in 1869 - The Cincinnati Red Stockings. The two current MLB teams that can trace their roots the longest are the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs. They can trace their roots to the National Association founded in 1871.

How do you get buffalo bills autographs?

William "Buffalo Bill". Cody is dead but to Get the football teams aoutugraph go to thier game

Do any baseball teams have no Cy Young award winners?

At least one team that I know of has no Cy Young award winners in it's history, the Cincinnati Reds, which ironically is professional baseball's oldest team. ---- As of the start of the 2008 season, two AL teams have never had pitchers to win the Cy Young (Tampa Bay, Texas) and 3 NL teams (Cincinnati, Florida, and Colorado).

What baseball teams are in the National League Central in the MLB?

Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Cubs St. Louis Cardinals Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds

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