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What is the value of a 1956 cinquenta centavos coin?


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The value of a 1956 cincuenta centavos or 50 cent coin depends on its condition. The coin is valued between 75 c and 9 US dollars.

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It might be worth $1-5 dollars depending on condition.

The value of a 1928 Mexican centavos coin depends on the denomination and condition of the coin. The typical value is between 6 and 65 US dollars.

whar is the value of a 1897 mexican 50 centavos

What is the value of a 1906 mexican 5 centavos estados unidos mexicanos coin?

The value of a 1917 Philippines ten centavos coin is approximately $3.82. The collector value of this coin is only $3 above the silver value.

What is the value of a 1953 Mexican 5 pesos coin

Fifty centavos or less. It depends on the condition of the coin.

I'm from Argentina, and I don't think that a 50 centavos coin will worth much, they are still circulating here and the current trade value is 50 centavos = 0.10 U.S Dollars

There is no 1915 five centavos minted in the Philippines, so I donot know the value.

The value of a 1945 20 centavos Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin actually depends on a number of things. Most important being the condition of the coin.

No. It's a very low-value coin.

The value of a Brasil 10 centavo coin varies. The factors that determine the worth of the coin is consistent with the coins condition, and the year the coin was made.

somewhere around $100,000 in mint condition

I have a 1917 Republica Peruana dos centavos excellent condition, what would the value of this coin be?

In circulated condition, it's currently worth about a dollar.

with dots about a 1.00 dollar with out dots about .25 cents

These are often found in circulated condition in coin dealers' misc. foreign coin bins for 25 cents.

1907 us fifty centavos filipinas coin

This is not an uncommon coin and therefore has little value. Most circulated coins are valued at $3 or less. A fully uncirculated coin could reach a value of $10 to a collector.

A 1945 10 centavos Filipinas is worth between 1 and 5 US dollars. The value is dependent upon the condition of the coin.

$16.38 (US Dollars) $18.65 (Canadian Dollars) (These are the prices of what the coin is going for on EBay.

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