What is the value of a 1957 US silver certificate?

Normally it would be necessary to ask for a denomination, but 1957-series silver certificates were only printed as $1 bills.

Current auction prices range from face value for a very worn bill to about $2 for a circulated bill with almost no wear. Uncirculated ones are quoted at around $3.


Blue Ink: Seal and serial-number colors were standardized in 1928. Starting with that year all silver certificates used blue ink.

Serial numbers: Serial numbers rarely help to ID a bill or affect its value. They're counters and an anti-counterfeiting feature.

Redemption: At one time silver certificates could be redeemed for a dollar's worth of silver, but that practice was suspended back in 1968.

Withdrawal: Silver certificates have never been formally withdrawn, but the last ones were printed in the early 1960s (despite the 1957 date) so it's almost impossible to find one in circulation today.