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What is the value of a 1960 Cincinnati Reds team picture pennant with hat of same era?


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Picture pennants are some of the more desired pennants, one step up from the scroll pennants listing the team players. a 1960 Cincinnati Reds Team Photo Pennant is worth about $135.-$150. Price will vary based on condition of both the pennant and the picture. Condition is very important and even minor flaws could significantly drop the price. A pennant in exceptional mint condition will sell much higher.

Common flaws with pennants are missing ties, pin holes, frying, creases, and "crackling" on the printing. Sometimes people will trim down or "doctor" a pennant to rid it of the frying or other flaws like a flat tip (point) Caused by being pinned up and ripped off. Any collectible item that has been doctored will be devalued, and this practice is frowned upon, among the collecting community. All flaws will degrade the pennant.

In a recent auction on eBay a 1960 Cincinnati Reds Team Photo Pennant with slight fading, pin holes, and minor creases, went unsold for $49.95

For more information on vintage pennants visit the link below.


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