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What is the value of a 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series program?

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April 22, 2008 4:45PM

Programs from the team that won the series typically sell at a

higher price. A 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series program played

at Forbes Field is worth about $100.-$125. in excellent - near/mint

condition. A 1960 New York Yankees World Series program played at

Yankee Stadium is worth $75.-$100. As with all collectibles,

condition is the most important factor of all providing that the

item is authentic. With programs/scorecards the slightest flaws

will bring the price down significantly. An exceptional mint

condition scorecard could sell for more.

Common flaws would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading,

creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the

cover. Un-scored programs will generally sell at a higher price

than a scored program but sometimes it doesn't effect value. The

over all condition, and how well the cover displays will.

The value on a "scored" program as opposed to a un-scored

program can vary depending on the game, and collectors preference.

In general I would say an un-scored program will sell at a higher

price. Some collectors do not mind scored programs, or might prefer

it scored. A game in note that might sell at a higher price

"scored" would be the 1960 WS Game 7 Played at Pittsburgh's Forbes

Field. This game has been rated as one of the most exciting games

in World Series history. The lead and momentum changed several

times during this classic baseball game that was ultimately won by

a spectacular walk-off home run by Pirate second baseman Bill

Mazeroski. I did a quick check on eBay and found one that sold for

$149. (un-scored) in excellent condition. Three others sold for an

average price of $68. I'm sure you will find others listed if you

are looking for one. (D.D. Bristol) I will leave a link below for

more information on scorecards, and publications.

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