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What is the value of a 1964 mint condition nickel that was not preserved?


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2005-02-17 23:23:35
2005-02-17 23:23:35

Well, if you get it certified as Mint State-65 with Full Steps by one of the major third party certification services, it would list (retail) at $55 with no mintmark or $500 with a "D". If it has not been preserved, I doubt if it would quite meet the standards for a Mint State-65 coin, however if it did, but did not have full steps on the reverse, it would catalog for 50-55 cents retail. Certification will cost you about $40.


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1964 D is nothing special to start with, and if it is only in fair condition, it's barely worth 5 cents.

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The value is 5 cents and it has no silver in it.

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Average retail value is less than 50 cents for a typical proof 1964 Jefferson nickel.

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The coins are still found in circulation and are face value only.

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Check that coin again. The last year for the Indian head nickel was 1938.

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