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if you find out I also have one of the thousand made,the only value I have received is $400 cnd.I thought I found some thing great,who knows. It is for sale,and I am open to offers. (Commemorative, not Centennial) 19,999 were manufactured in 1979 and it is listed at $550 if it has never been handled and is accompanied by all of the original paperwork and packaging. I am interested in the rifle i will offer you $600. thank's. my e mail is

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Q: What is the value of a 1966 30-30 Legendary Frontiersmen Centennial Winchester rifle that has never been fired and is in the original box?
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What is the value of a 1966 30 30 Legendary Frontiersmen Centennial Winchester rifle that has never been fired and is in the original box?

500 USD

Where can you find an owners manual for a Winchester Canadian centennial 30-30?

For the information go to To get an original manual, try eBay

What is the value of a 38-55 with a 24 barrel Legendary Frontiersmen never fired and in the original box with all the original paper work?

In the condition you describe I would say anywhere from $650 to $825 depending also upon the condition of the original box. Hope that helps! Blue Mt Gunworks

What is the vale of a Coca Cola Winchester Centennial shotgun ONLY-not in a set?

The centennial shotgun was sold as a set with a Winchester model 94 rifle. Since I was instrumental in developing this program, we have followed these guns since the original 100 year anniversary when the guns were sold. The year the guns were sold was 1988. Since then we have seen the price of a set exceed $10,000.

What is the value of a Winchester 30 30 Canadian Centennial 1867 1967?

If your rifle is unfired(new in the box) along with the original box and tags it will be worth 650 dollars in todays market.

What is the value of a Winchester 1894 Legendary Lawmen?

Your 1977 legendary lawmen will bring 795 dollars for a rifle that is unfired,and has the original box and hang tags.If your rifle has been fired,then the value will be between 300-400 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Is a Winchester Centennial 1866 unfired 26 inch octagon barrel 30-30 worth 750 -- 850?

Only if it is NIB (New In the Box), with all of the original paperwork intact and the box in excellent condition.

What was the original price of a Winchester 1967?

Impossible to answer without knowing which of the dozens of Winchester models and variations you mean.

Value of Winchester legendary frotiersman 3855?

Value depends on condtion, how bad you want to sell it, how bad someone wants to buy it, what caliber it is, any accessories, the box, original papers, etc.. Range from 200-500 USD.

What is the value of Winchester 30-30 Canadian centennial 1867 - 1967 matched pair of the lever action repeating carbine and rifle?

If both rifle and carbine are in unfired(new in the box condition) with the hang tags and original boxes?The value will be 1,375 dollars for the set.

What is the Original price of Tom Osborne Winchester rifle?

The original price for a Tom Osborne Commemorative Winchester Rifle was $2,000. In 2014, the same rifle may be worth anywhere from $900 to $4,500.

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What is the value of the oliver Winchester original octagonal barrel?

Just the barrel?

What was the original price of a Tom Osborne commemorative Winchester rifle?


What can you expect to pay for a 1873 winchester rifle in good condition?

You will have to pay 3,000 dollars or more for a original Winchester model 1873 lever action Winchester rifle in the condition you described.

What is the age and value of the Winchester 62 serial number 61488A?

Your Winchester model 62 was made by Winchester in 1937.As To the value of your Winchester model 62,these are selling for between 130 dollars for a gun with 10% original finish remaining all the way up to 1,000 dollars for a fine specimen in 98% original condition with a mint bore.

Own a Coca-cola Centennial 1500 Winchester 12 gage never been shot still in original box serial 1218?

FYI: The Coca Cola Co. and Winchester....these guns were sold in pairs or separately to Coca Cola employees only. There were 2500 of the rifles and shotguns produced..Never sold/open to the public due to Coca Cola Co. not wanting that particular image. The man responsible for ordering them from Winchester lost his position with company and the guns were put into storage. Then in 1992 or 1993 they were sold to Coca Cola employees only. I happened to have a shotgun. Still in original box, and also the box wrapper, as well as the documentation of the gun and centennial history. Guns America have one offered for sale at $425.00 in like new condition...has been fired. If offered in a pair in mint condition GA had one set for $3,500.00.

What is the value of a Winchester 9422 xtr with original box?

That depends on the amount of original finish remaining on your Winchester model 9422 lever action .22cal rifle.I have seen these selling for between 200-450 dollars.

What is the value of an Oliver Winchester 1894 commemorative?

your oliver Winchester comm. is going for 750 dollars if new and unfired in its original box.

What is the value of Winchester manufactured in 1951?

That will be totally based on the model of Winchester in question,and the amount of original finish remaining on the Winchester in question.You will need to provide this info to get a answer to your question.A serial number will also help identify if your Winchester was made in 1951.

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What is kind size of ammo is used in a winchester 94 30 wcf?

"30 W.C.F." is Winchesters original designation for the 30-30 Winchester cartridge.