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Please check the rest of the dimes in your pocket, and for that matter, any other denominations. ALL current circulating U.S. coins have the tails side oriented upside-down from the heads side. This has been the practice for well over a century and a half. The orientation is not an error and is nothing special. However, the bubble is potentially an error. It could be caused by a number of things, most likely a place where a bit of gas was trapped during the cladding process and the layers did not stick together properly. It's fairly common problem so there's very little if any extra value attached.

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What is value of 2005 silver buffalo nickel?

No 2005 Bison Reverse nickels were struck in silver.

What is a period of wild speculation in which a stock is inflated far past its real value?

bubble bubble

What is the value of a 1989 Congressional Half Dollar with inverted reverse strike?

If by turning the coin left to right and the reverse is upside down on each turn, this is the way it should be. The 1989 Congress bicentennial Half Dollar was struck as Proof (S) and Uncirculated (D) and both have the same retail value of $9.00

What is the value of a Lincoln penny with no date and the rest of the obverse appears lightly struck and reverse is normal?

You will have to take it to someone to be seen. Value if any, depends on the cause of this error. It may be a "Striking" error or a altered coin.

What is the value of a buffalo Jefferson nickel?

The 2005 Jefferson nickel with a buffalo on the reverse was struck in enormous numbers. Any that you find in change will only be worth 5 cents.

In a what are stock prices higher than their real value?

a bubble

What is a reverse split?

In stocks, a reverse split when shares are combined and the value of the new share is computed to make its new value equitable. An easiest reverse split is 1 for 2. That is, if a share is worth $1, and there are two shares, they are replaced with a single share with a value of $2.

What is the value of a 1921 dollar coin with a small s on the reverse side?

Assuming it is the older Morgan design (i.e. it does NOT have the word "Peace" on the reverse) your coin is worth between $14 and $16 depending on condition. The "S" indicates it was struck at the San Francisco mint.

1888 wheat penny?

Lincoln, Wheat Ear Reverse (Wheat Penny's) cents were struck from 1909 to 1958. A 1888 penny is a Indian Head cent with an average value of $1.00-$3.00 for most coins. NOTE: The wreath on the reverse is Oak not Wheat.

1963 dime with a D on reverse side What is the value?

The value is just for the silver, about a dollar

In what ways can reverse logistics add value?


What is the value of a 1802 liberty penny?

The Draped Bust US Large cent of 1802 was struck with 3 different reverses, A normal reverse, a fraction error and a stemless reverse. The coin must be seen for a accurate value because in the low grade of G-4 the values of all 3 run from $68.00-$81.00 depending on which reverse it has, if the coin is a higher grade of EF -40 values are over $1,000.00. I suggest having the coin graded by a dealer or collector for a better idea of value.

What is American reverse mortgage?

American reverse mortgage is when you borrow money based on the value of your house. A reverse mortgage has the option of being a lump sum or installments.

What is the value of a 1928 gold Indian head 2.5 piece with upside down eagle?

All of them are upside down. Most coins are struck with the obverse and the reverse at 180 degrees from each other.

When does reverse breakdown occurs in a diode?

Normally,the reverse current is so small that it can be neglected.If the external reverse-bias voltage is increased to a value( 50 V or larger) ,at this stage the reverse breakdown occours

What is the value of reverse breakdown voltage for a silicon diode?


What is diode reverse current?

the current which has negative value n passes through the diode is called as diode reverse current

What is the value of an off struck Lincoln Memorial penny?

The value depends on how far off center the coin was struck, take it to a dealer for a better idea of value.

Describe a stock market bubble Explain what causes a bubble and why a crash generally follows a bubble?

A stock market bubble can be defined as an economic cycle in which there is a rapid expansion, which is followed by contraction. Basically, too many investors become too eager to buy. When they realize the value of the stock is going down, and sell off to save some of their money. The crash usually happens because when there is a bubble, the investment class gets to a point when prices don't justify the underlying value.

How do you reverse string in linux?

With program tac. ExampleVALUE="ABC DEF"REV=$(echo "$VALUE" | tac)echo "$VALUE" "-->" "$REV"

A typical value of reverse breakdown voltage in a diode is?

50V or larger

What is the value of an 1847 Louis Phillippe 1 5 Franc coin?

1847A (12.577.642 coins struck) value : about 25 dollars, 1847BB (1.577.356 coins struck) value : about 40 dollars, 1847K (only 167.008 coins struck) value : about 150 dollars.

What is the value of Elvis Presley bubble gum cards?

1,000 dollars each if in good condition.

What is the value of a french 1863 5 cent?

there exist 3 types : 1863 A : 12.128.389 coins struck, value : about 2 dollars ; 1863 BB : 2.323.076 coins struck, value : about 15 dollars ; 1863 K : 9.437.336 coins struck, value : about 5 dollars.

Value of a 1940 silver nickel?

7-5-11>>> The ONLY US nickels to have any silver were the "War Nickels" struck from late 1942 to 1945. And all of them have large mintmarks on the reverse above the dome of Monticello.

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