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Between 1200 and 1750 US

2010-02-03 05:43:00
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What is the value of a 1976 20 gauge Japanese Browning side by side serial 03164RT168 with 26-inch modified and improved-modified barrels in good condition?

Around $1200-$1500 in excellent condition.

What does the asterisk on the barrel of a Browning shotgun mean?

Browning Choke Markings "* " = full "*- " = improved modified "** " = modified "**-" = improved cylinder "**$" = skeet "***" = cylinder

What is genetically modified apple?

An apple called Arctic Apple has been genetically modified to be non-browning.

What is the value of a browning auto 5 twelve gauge modified chock 1972?

Need a detailed description of finish, condition, box, papers, all features and markings.

What is Browning waterfowl lm choke tube?

Improved Modified.

What does 2 astericks mean on a browning barrel?

Modified Choke

What is the value and date of manufacture for a Browning Sweet 16 serial S 96295 in mint condition with a modified barrell?

This gun was made in 1957 Go to the link below for values.

What do 2 asterisks mean on a Browning shotgun?

It stands for Modified choke.

Can the barrel of a browning double automatic be modified for invector chokes?


How old is a browning light twelve serial L 26155 Matt barrel modified choke original finish and what is it worth in excellent condition? has sn data under customer service.

Did they have machetes in the civil war?

No. But they did have a modified version of the Japanese katana.

Browning choke tube markings?

1 notch - full 2 - improved modified 3 - modified 4 - improved clinder 5 - skeet no notch - cylinder

Tell me the value of a Browning Auto-5 12 magnum 28 modified ventilated rib 90 to 95 percent serial 76V45317 and can you confirm it's Belgium without the stamp on the humpback?

Yes your browning is a belguim made shotgun due to the 76V prefix to the serial number.The price for a browning auto-5 in the condition you describe is going for 750-850 dollars.

How can you tell what choke your browning auto 5 has made in 1967?

BROWNING CHOKES AND THEIR CODES (ON REAR LEFT-SIDE OF BARREL)'*' designates full choke (F).'*-' designates improved modified choke (IM).'**' designates modified choke (M).'**-' designates improved cylinder choke (IC).

What is value of automatic Browning Light 12 gold trigger belgium made with modified choke 2 and three quarters chamber?

A browning auto-5 light twelve shotgun is selling for between 340-650 dollars.If your shotgun has a vent rib barrel then the price would be between 400-925 dollars depending on the overall condition of your shotgun.

How does one determine the choke on older Browning Belgian-made barrels that are not marked with full or modified?


How do you determine what the choke constriction is on a browning choke?

BROWNING CHOKE CODES (check on rear of barrel, usually on the left, but, sometimes on the right). ( for an O/U open and check flats) * Full *- Improved Modified ** Modified **- Improved Cylinder **$ Skeet *** Cylinder bore INV Browning Invector choke tube system. INV. PLUS Browning Invector Plus back-bored barrels Note: Inv and Inv Plus are not interchangeable. will give you the numerical data.

What do astericks mean on Belgian Browning Barrels?

They tell you what the barrel(s) is/are choked. One-full, Two=Modified, Three = Cylinder.

How did the Japanese preserved their own identity and culture?

The Japanese kept some Chinese ways but discarded or modified others. This process is known as selective borrowing.

Invector choke identification browning B525?

1 notch - full choke 2 notches - improved modified 3 notches - modified 4 notches - improved cylinder 5 notches - skeet no notch - cylinder

What are the choke markings on Browning shotguns?

BROWNING CHOKES AND THEIR CODES (ON REAR LEFT-SIDE OF BARREL)* designates full choke (F).*- designates improved modified choke (IM).** designates modified choke (M).**- designates improved cylinder choke (IC).**$ designates skeet (SK).*** designates cylinder bore (CYL).INV. designates barrel is threaded for Browning Invector choke tube system.INV. PLUS designates back-bored barrels

Where does Kabuki occur?

Kabuki is a modified Japanese theater involving the use of traditional clothes, symbols, and dances.

What is the difference of Japanese origami and US origami?

Japanese origami was made during the early periods of the country's history and US origami is modified ones of the old ones

What is the value and year it was made of a browning a-5-12ga modified special serial 72474 ogden Utah?

Requires professional appraisal.

What is the value of a Browning modified 12 gauge special steel shotgun built in the 1930-1940's?

50-500 usd