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Value depends on condition. Please check the blue book value for the gun without accessories

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Are there any totes that have adjustable shoulder straps?

Yes, many of the totes feature adjustable straps. Simply search for "adjustable totes" in the search bar.

What is the length of the adjustable shoulder strap on a Lowepro water-resistant Camera Bag?

Adjustable length: 38.5 in. to 45.25 in. / 98 cm to 115 cm.

How do you tighten loose shoulder stock on browning gold?

You should let a gunsmith do this.

Does the Canon Gadget Bag for EOS Digital Cameras have an adjustable shoulder strap?

The Canon gadget bag does have an adjustable should strap, but if you're very tall it may prove to be uncomfortable.

How do you tighten the shoulder stock of a Browning 308 model 81 BLR?

Best to let a gunsmith do it.

What is a 1960 browning leather gun case worth it has full zipper and shoulder strap?

10-100 usd

How many Browning Hi power pistols with tangent sights and cut for shoulder stocks were made in 1974?

This type of information is not published. Perhaps it would be best to request that information from Browning directly. As a rule, Browning has never released production figures, but simply the serial number sequences.

Can you please recommend a shower chair that is stable, durable and can be used by someone with a bad knee and shoulder?

Yes: the Medline Shower Chair/Bench with Back and Height-Adjustable Legs

What is the harness of an knife?

Do you mean adjustable shoulder harness, used for carrying a knife under a coat, or did you did mean "hardness", which usually refers to the Rockwell Scale that determines how hard or soft the metal of a blade is.

How long is the Nerf raider rapid fire?

According to where you set your adjustable shoulder stock, the Raider can be anywhere from 2 feet, 3/8 inches to 2 feet, 3 1/2 inches.

How old is a Browning FN Herstal 9mm 1935 model with serial number 19292 tangent sight and slide on rear grip for shoulder stock Thanks?

Requires appraisal

How do you remove the recoil pad of a Browning Citori?

If you look close enought you will see two small slits in the pad where it meets your shoulder. There is a screw in each of these slits. It requires a phillips head to turn them.

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The shoulder is proximal to the wrist. The wrist is distal to the shoulder.

Is the wrist considered distal to the shoulder?

The wrist is distal to the shoulder. The shoulder is proximal to the wrist.

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The wrist is distal to the shoulder. The shoulder is proximal to the wrist.

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The shoulder is a joint; there is just one joint per shoulder.

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