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Very common quarter that is worth only 25 cents.


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No mint mark means it was minted in Philadelphia. The quarter is worth exactly 25 cents.

Melt? $5.80. Depending on mint mark and condition it might be worth more.

The M is not a mint mark but on every coin and is on the right side. The mint mark is to the left od the date slightly above.

The value of a silver quarter will vary on the year it was minted, the mint mark, and of course, its mint state. If you provide to me a specific coin, I will be able to relay its worth.

what is the value of this coin

$4-$10 depending on condition. If mint condition around $20.

Check that coin again. Mint marks were on all quarters by 1981.

If it's circulated retail value is about $3.00 Mint state is $4.00-$5.00

1942 quarters are worth about the same amount regardless of mint mark. See the Related Question for values

Reatil for circulated coins $3.74- $4.20 Mint state $4.30

The mintmark is a "D" not a "P" and it's just a quarter.

25 cents. It should be easy to find them in pocket change. The reason the coin doesn't have a mint mark is that up till 1979, when quarters were minted in Philadelphia, they didn't put a P mint mark on it. Your quarter is from Philadelphia and is not an error.

To get an accurate value on a quarter from the late nineteenth century, the type, date, mint mark, and condition of the coin will have to be known.

Check that coin again. All U.S. quarters minted since 1980 have mint marks.

No mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

No US quarters were struck in 1922. The US did not make ANY quarters dated 1922.

The mint mark is on the reverse of the coin under the eagle. If there is no mint mark it was minted at the Philadelphia mint. The Philadelphia mint issued quarters in large quantities. These are the most available and generally trade at their silver bullion value… unless in "Uncirculated" condition.

In G-4 $6.00 to $185.00 in MS-60

No U.S. coins dated 1966 have a mint mark. The '66 quarter is worth 25 cents.

$20 if very worn $30 if moderately worn $60 if like new, with no mint mark or an "S" $90 if like new with a "CC" mint mark

its from the phillidelphia mint

GoTO the 1983 p mint quarter is $22

About $3 for its silver content. A dealer will pay less.

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