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I would estimate that if you can find an interested buyer, you might get $25 for it.

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Q: What is the value of a 1985 20 dollar bill in very good condition with seven 7's in the serial number?
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How old is serial number75hp mercury ob 9655687?

A 75 hp Mercury outboard, serial number OB9655687, I can not find on the serial number chart. One thing I see, is a seven digit serial number, with a OB prefix. The seven digit serial numbers, ( prior to 1985 ), had no prefix. Serial numbers with the prefix, ( OA,OB,OC, ect. ), have six digit serial numbers. Could there be an error in the serial number posted?

How much is a 1951 Franklin-Liberty Bell half dollar worth?

This half dollar is worth between seven and three-hundred dollars, depending on the condition.

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I checked records for all Winchester "Rangers" produced. You list a serial number that would have had seven digits: "61665xx". The only seven digit serial numbers Winchester used had a first digit no higher than "2".

What is the age and value of a twenty two savage sporter rifle serial number one hundred eight thousand eight hundred and seven?

I paid $70.00 for mine at an auction Oct 07. My serial is 74k it's in good condition but may need a new clip. Mitch

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* A pianos serial number will usually be found stamped on its soundboard in figures about 2 cm high. Serial numbers are usually between four and seven digits long. * A number stamped on the top of the side of an upright piano is probably a dealer's stock number. * A number cast into the frame is almost certainly not a serial number.

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What is the value of a 1914 German 20 Mark note?

The most common 1914 note has a seven digit serial number and is worth $8 in very good used condition, rising to $30 in mint uncirculated. There are less common 1914 issues that are worth considerably more.

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