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What is the value of a 1993 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin?


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2005-02-09 16:45:06
2005-02-09 16:45:06

Unless it is uncirculated, a dealer will probably give you a nickel and sell it for a quarter.


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It's a common circulation coin worth about 20 cents.

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You didn't provide the denomination, but if it's from circulation it's probably not worth very much. Mexico revalued its currency in 1993 due to rampant inflation and removed the older issues from circulation.

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A 1988 Mexican 5000 Pesos coin (only year minted) was devalued -- along with all Mexican currency -- in 1993, so the value is $0.41US. A coin dealer might make an offer just slightly more than that.

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The 1988 through 1992 Mexican 1000 Pesos coin -- along with all of the Mexican money was devalued in 1993, so the coin is now worth $0.08US.

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