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1902 and 1907 silver dimes

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Q: What is the value of a 1 902 silver dime?
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What is the value of 1867-1967 centennial Canadian dime?

About $1 for its silver content.

What is value of a 1944 dime?

a 1944 dime isn't rare for that year.a d mark is worth about a $1,a p mark is $1 and a s mark is about 2 or 3 dollars. <><><> ANY 90% silver US dime is worth $3.44 for the SILVER content as of this morning. In addition to any collector's value. 4/25/11

What is a silver 1962 dime worth?

About $1 for its silver content.

Is there silver in 1965 dime?

No Copper-nickel clad Copper 1 Dime "Roosevelt Dime" 1965-2017 1946-1964 Silver (.900)

What is the value of a silver liberty head dime 1945?

Circulated coins are 1 or 2 dollars uncirculated coins about 8 dollars

What is the value of a 2005 silver US dime?

Dimes minted for circulation haven't contained any silver since 1964. All later dimes are made of copper-nickel and are only worth 10 cents each. If your dime has the familiar copper band on its edge you have an ordinary dime. The only silver dimes minted since that time are "Prestige Proof" coins that are specially struck for sale to collectors. If your dime doesn't have the copper band but does have an "S" mint mark and is heavier than an ordinary 2005 dime, you could have a proof dime that was removed from its package. Unfortunately if it has any wear on it, its value is reduced to the melt value of about 0.07 times the price of 1 oz of silver.

What is the value of an 1935 mercury dime 900 silver 100 copper?

1935 is not a rare date for Mercury dimes. In circulated condition, it's worth about $1 (for the silver it contains).

What is the value of 1 dime?

Well, it depends on what kind of dime. A modern U.S dime is worth 10 cents.

Is there silver in 1965 dimes?

No Copper-nickel clad Copper 1 Dime "Roosevelt Dime" 1965-2017 1946-1964 Silver (.900)

Value of 1944 dime?

$1 in circulated condition.

What is the value of a 1955 Canadian dime?

In average circulated condition a 1955 Canadian dime is only valuable for its silver content, about $1 at 2010 prices. A nice uncirculated one might sell in the $2-3 range.

How much money is a dime worth?

a dime is 10 centsMoreOnly if it's a US dime dated 1965 or later. Older dimes are worth anywhere from $1 or so for their silver content, up to thousands if they're rare collectibles.If you are interested in the value of a specific dime please post a new question with the coin's date.

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