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What is the value of a 2000 Maryland quarter mis-struck?


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I modified your question because coins are struck, not stamped.

However, you'll need to post a new question with more information describing what you mean by mis-struck.


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The 2000 date is below the 1788 date. It's just a quarter, spend it.

In the year 2000, the value of the quarter dollar which is 25 cents was $0.25.

All error coins need to be seen. Take it to a collector or coin dealer.

value 2000 giant quarter pound golden eagle

The Maryland State Quarter looks like a tower surrounded by two bent and leaning trees with the year 2000 under it.

1788 is the year Maryland became a state, and 2000 is the year the quarter was minted. It's worth exactly 25 cents.

If the quarter has a picture of George Washington on one side, with the Maryland state capital and phrase "The Old Line State" on the other, then it's a 2000 state quarter, worth exactly 25 cents.

Only state quarters were minted in 2000.

All of the "State Quarters" found in change are only face value.

1788 is the year Massachusetts became a state, but the quarter was minted in 2000. It's worth 25 cents.

The one that I am aware of was certified MS65 and sold at auction in 2000 for $47,500.

Any that you find in change are only worth face value. Hundreds of millions of these coins were minted.

At present, 25 cents Canadian is worth 24 cents American.

1788 is the year South Carolina officially became a state. The quarter itself was actually minted in 2000, and is worth 25 cents.

Any of the "State Quarters" (1999-2008) found in circulation are only face value.

It's either been gold plated or exposed to something that turned it to that color. In either case, it has no added value.

one quarter means 25% so 2,000 times .25 = 500 500 is one quarter of 2000

All error coins need to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer.

None of the State Quarters made for general circulation are worth more than face value.

Face value. All state quarters have the mintmark on the front of the coin below "In God We Trust". Quarters haven't had mintmarks on the reverse since copper-nickel coins were introduced in 1965.

Well, if its just the years 1965 - 2000, and the quality is average, not mint, they're most likely not worth more than 9$.

The population of Towson, Maryland was 51,793 at the 2000 census.

Maryland Green Party was created in 2000.

Unless it's Proof, it's just a quarter.

Best Answer: Well a quarter is half of a half so divide 2000 by 2 then divide 2000 by that answer and there u go

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