What is the value of a 2000 US golden dollar coin?

If you found it in change, $1. While this coin is referred to as the "Golden Dollar," it's actually copper-brass and contains no gold whatsoever.

The obverse, or "heads" side, shows Sacagawea, the American Indian guide for Lewis and Clark.

There is a small premium for high-grade mint-state specimens, and proof versions sell for $5 to $14, but any found in change have no extra value.

About a billion of them were minted and they're in regular use in some parts of the country. They are not valuable and do not contain any gold, only a manganese alloy that looks gold-colored. You might as well spend it.

Gold Walking Liberty Dollars

The 2000 Walking Liberty Dollar is not gold. Some have been gold plated after minting in hopes of increasing their value. Most serious collectors are not interested in the modification of the original coin. These gold plated 'Silver Bullion' coins are advertised for $19.95 each.
They should be valued at face value I am not an expert but common since says if I can get them at the bank for my nephew at face value that's what they are worth