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What is the value of a 2001 official Champions League final match ball?

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I own two balls the one is the euro cup of 1974 signed by the german team and the other is the ball of 1978 world cup signed by the german team (Adidas tango) and I cannot find any one to give me a price

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Why did Liverpool FC need to play in istanbul for Champions League Final in 2005?

Because İstanbul Olympic Stadium was chosen for Champions League Final match by UEFA and Liverpool FC was one of the contenders of final match with AC Milan.

Where was the 2008 UEFA Champions League final played?

The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final was played in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium. The final match was between the English teams Manchester United and Chelsea.

Who was the man of the match in the champions league final2011?

Lionel Messi was the ManOftheMatch in the 2011 Champions League final. He scored a crucial goal and assisted another.

Who did Liverpool play in their most recent Champions League Final match?

AC Milan

Is the champions league final a 1 game playoff?

THe Champions League final is a one-game play-off. The team which wins the match wins the trophy, unlike the 2-legged knockout rounds

Do away goals count in Champions League finals?

As there is only 1 match in the final, there are no away goals.

Can 11 years old kids go and watch Europe champions league final match in football?

Ofcourse 11 year old kids can go and watch the final of the Champions lEague. It purely depends on the choice of the guardian.

How does a player get suspended from champions league final?

A player gets suspended if he gets a red card in the match right before the final. for ex- John Terry got a red card v/s Barcelona and thus missed the Champions League final in 2012.

What is the largest traveling support for a champions league match?

The largest travelling away support for a champions league match was 25000 who were Rangers FC

How many football teams have scored more than 3 goals in a uefa champions league final match?


Do away goals count in champions league semi final?

yes of course, but not in the finals because there's only 1 match

Who won the uefa champions league 2011?

the final match was between Manchester United and Barcelona . Barcelona defeated Man U .

Who won the Manchester vs. barcalona final champions league 2011?

The match was won by Barcelona with a 3-1 score.

How many players has score four goals in a match at ufa champions league quarter final?

It is Roy Makay and Lionel Messi.

Is there 3rd and 4th place match in champions league?


What time does 2009 champions league final kick off in GMT?

The 2008-2009 UEFA Champions' League final between FC Barcelona (SPAIN) & defending champions, Manchester United (ENGLAND). The match will be played at Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy & the kick-off is 19:45 GMT on Wednesday, 27 May 2009.

Who scored penalties for Liverpool in the 2005 Champions league final?

Xabi Alonso scored of a rebound from a penalty that was initally saved in the 60th minute of the 2005 Champions league final. Dietmar Hamann, Djibril Cisse, and Vladimir Smicer scored in the penalty shootout. Interestingly, they were all substitutes for that match.

What was the date when Chelsea lost the champions league final vs man you?

The UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea took place on 21 May 2008. United beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties, after the match ended 1-1 after 120 minutes.

What is happening on the 22nd may 2010?

The 2010 UEFA Champions League Final is a football match scheduled to be played on Saturday, 22 May 2010.

When is the champions league semi final Barcelona vs inter?

The champion league match between Barcelona verses Inter milan second leg was played on 27/4/2010.

Who won the Champions League in 2009?

Barcelona won the Champion League in 2009. On the final match, the team went against Manchester United. They scored two points that led them to victory.

Who scored for milan in their last champions league triumph?

Milan last won the Champions league in 2007. In that match Filipo Inzaghi scored twice for them.

When is arsenal vs man you playing?

In uefa champions league :29,4,09 And in premier league :16;5,09 in uefa champions league they play two match : 29,4,09 And : 5 ,5,09

Why was Didier Drogba sent off against Manchester United in the 2008 Champions League final?

Didier Drogba received a red card in the 2008 Champions League final against Manchester United because the Chelsea player slapped Man United's captain Nemanja Vidic right in front of the referee of the match.

Which stadium will host the final match of the uefa-champions-league 2011 between Manchester-united football club and Barcelona football club?

90,000 seated capacity of Wembley Stadium in England.