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Made in 1969. Value if truly NIB (everything there, never been fired or cylinder turned, et.) @ 1200

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Where can you find grips for a Colt Frontier Scout Lawman Series-Wyatt Earp?

try Vintage

What the age and value of a 22 caliber Colt Frontier Scout Lawman series with pinto pearl Colt handles serial 2940WB in a black case with light holster wear on the barrel tip and some light scratches?

The colt lawman series was made in 22 caliber and 45 caliber.The 22 seies had 4 mdels.They were Wyatt Earp,Pat Garret,Wild Bill Hickock,Bat Masterson. There were 3,000 made in each name. The guns came in fancy boxes with names on them. Sounds like you have a Wild Bill model made around 1969-1970. Unfired ,no marks values are 450-495.00 Sounds like yours has some marks and possibly fired.That decreases the value to the collector.I would say your value of the piece is 350-400.00

Which actress played the role of laurie strode in the 'halloween' series?

Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed her in the original film, and Taylor Scout-Compton played her in the remakes.

How original Boy Scout handbook has changed?

The original Boy Scout handbook has changed a lot! For one thing, it had very few merit badges, one of which was master of arms (martial arts).

What is the original Girl Scout name in Sweden?

Swedish Girl Guides

What are all the original Boy Scout merit badges?

There were 57 original merit badges. See the link for a full list.

Was Wild Bill Hickok a real person?

Wild Bill Hickok was a real figure from the American west. Use the link below to review some biographical information on this legendary scout and lawman.

What are the ratings and certificates for Heavy Gear The Animated Series - 2001 Gear Scout Jamboree?

Heavy Gear The Animated Series - 2001 Gear Scout Jamboree is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-Y7

What is the origin of the Boy Scout oath and law?

The original Boy Scout Oath was written by the founder of modern scouting, Baden-Powell. The BSA uses a different oath, written by Ernest Seton, that was adapted from Powell's original.

What is the value of a Colt Bat Masterson commemorative?

It's worth what ever someone is willing to pay! But the value according to the various gun blue books is as follows: Lawman series Bat Masterson Scout (.22 ca.).....$450 in like new condition, with the original box (there were 3,000 made in 1967) Lawman series Bat Masterson SAA 45.................$1500 in like new condition, with the original box. (500 made in 1967) However, I don't think $1900 would be out of line for the SAA 45, assuming in like new condition with the box. They don't come up for sale very often. I have seen one recently at auction (Jan. 08) for $5,000. Only a Bat Masterson groupie with deep pockets would be foolish enough to pay that much for one. Generally speaking, Colt commemoratives are not big money makers. The exception being the Wyatt Earp SAA 45 which values at $2750.

What is the value of a Colt single action kansas series cowtown handgun?

The 1966 Kansas Series Cowtown - Dodge City Scout handgun is listed with a value of 595 dollars. There are other handguns in this series, such as the 1965 Wichita Scout Êand the 1967 Chisolm Trail Scout.Ê

What was Leo DiCaprio's first TV series?

The Outsiders. He played Kid Fighting Scout.

How much is a colt frontier scout 1962 worth unfierd in original box?

300-500 USD

How old is the cub scout motto?

The Cub Scout motto, "Do your best," is as old as the Cub Scouts. It is contained in the original literature written by Baden-Powel himself. "Cubbing" was introduced in the US in 1930.

What part of speech is scout?

"Scout" may be either a noun or a verb. As a verb it means to inquire into a situation at a distance and report back to the original location, and as a noun it means a person who performs such actions.

Which Sailor Scout is Rini?

When she first appears, Rini [Chibiusa in the original Japanese series] isn't a Sailor Scout [Senshi]. However, she later gains the ability to transform and does so as Sailor Mini Moon [Chibi Moon]. Because she is Serena [Usagi] and Darien [Mamoru]'s daughter from the future, she is also a Princess of the Moon, and as such, has her own Silver Crystal that she uses to transform.

How many times has the Girl Scout Law been changed since 1912?

According to "The Girl Scout Law Through the Years" on the web site (see Related Links), since the original Girl Scout Law in 1912, changes have been made to the Law a total of five times.

What is the German word for 'Scout'?

scout = Pfadfinder

How do you write scout in a question?

He was a boy scout. The wagon train had a scout. He decided to scout the perimeter.

What is the name of the character in the TV series The Outsiders that Ponyboy struck up a friendship with whom he thought reminded him of Johnny?

Her name is scout

Which actors played the role of Laurie in the Halloween series?

Laurie Strode has been played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and Scout Taylor.

What is the value of a little scout with SVG above trigger and pat date of july2 07?

your Stevens model 14 1/2 little scout is going between 160-300 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining.

What Chrysler engine will bolt up to an original 727 transmission in a scout?

mopar 361, 383, 413, 426, 440, or the 426 hemi.

What are five sections of girl scout of the Philippines?

twinkler scout star scout junior scout tapos ewan...

When you show half Scout sign?

we show scout sign when we meet any other scout and are not dressed in scout uniform

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