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Answer to Page Lewis RifleI just had a .22 Cal Page Lewis Model D Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle appraised and it was $375.00. Hope this helps.

I would say a Page-Lewis Model D in good condition is worth about $100. Here's why...

A firearms worth is directly tied to its condition and like anything else, a gun is worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to take.

I have two Page-Lewis model D rifles. The first I bought in a flea market for $10. Someone had put it in a Remington 510 stock and it didn't fit correctly at all. The bolt handle had broken off and been replaced by a bent piece steel rod. The firing pin spring had been replaced by one that was WAY too strong and some idiot had taken a file to the bolt. However, the bore was good and the metal was not pitted. It was worth $10.

The second I bought off Gunbroker for $75. The bolt handle was there but it had been brazed back on and there was a crack in the stock that needed to be glued. The bore was good and the metal was in good shape. A little TLC and it will once again be ready to take to the field. I feel it was worth the $75 but evidently no one else did as I was the only bidder at the auction. I bought it mostly to have a pattern for the stock so I can make one for the other rifle.

In my opinion, for a Page-Lewis Model D to be worth $375 it would have to be brand new in the box.

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Q: What is the value of a 22 caliber Page Lewis Model D single shot rifle?
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