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According to my 2005 gun value book there are two listed. A Model 250 standard lever-action rifle is worth in good condition $84.00, The model 250 deluxe rifle is worth in good condition $103.00

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Prices have gone up quite a bit. The most accurate measure of value is a current sale. A check of completed sales on gunbroker's website showed a Winchester 250 in excellent shape that sold for $241 in June 2016.

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Q: What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester 250 rifle?
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What is the age and value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 caliber sn 2103930 lever action rifle?

sounds like a later made rifle about$250 to $300

What is value of a winchester model 250 rifle?

50-200 usd

What is the value of a Winchester 670A rifle?

Depending on condition, $250-$300.

What is the value of Winchester Model 250 22 caliber Deluxe rifle serial number 185870 in good condition and what year was it manufactured?

in 1963 the model 250 lever action .22 RF rifle was introduced. not sure how much it's worth though

How do you find out the value of a Winchester rifle?

You need to find out what model your Winchester is. Just knowing the caliber won't do. The same serial number will exist on almost every model. If the rifle is a model 670A it was an 'economy' version of the Model 70, sold in department stores. Value today at retail is $250-$300.

What is the value of a Savage Arms 250-3000 Model 1893 rifle?


What is the value of a youth ranger Winchester 243 rifle that is in a fair condition?

50-250 usd

What is the value of a rem 22250 rifle?

.22-250 Remington is a caliber and not a type of rifle. Several manufacturers have made rifles in this caliber. Without knowing the exact make, model, and condition of the rifle this question cannot be answered.

What is the value of a Winchester model 100 made in 1967?

The value of a Winchester Model 100 rifle made in 1967 is between $250 and $400. The actual value will depending largely on its actual condition.

What is the value of a norinco sks 762x39mm caliber semi automatic assault rifle?

$250-$350, depending on condition.

What is the value of a model 840 22 caliber stephens springfield rifle?

The Stephens Springfield 22 caliber model 840 rifle is values at $250 in fair condition. In good condition, it is valued at $400.

What is the value of a1980 model 70 Winchester rifle 22-250 cal?

50-500 usd

What does the 250 refer to in a 22-250 caliber rifle shell?

The "parent" cartridge was the .250 Savage, necked down to .22 caliber.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Browning breakdown model rifle in excellent condition?

Depending on model variation, $250-$1000.

Winchester Model 250 leveraction?

Yes winchester did make a model 250 lever action rifle from 1963-1974.

What is the value of Winchester cal 22 67 model rifle?

It is worth anywhere from 80-250 dollars depending on condition.

What is the age and value of a 270 caliber Winchester Model 70 serial 96236?

You can look up the sn at Value will depend on condition and accessores. Range from 250-500

What is the value of twenty two caliber Winchester lever action serial number 361403 model 250?

Depending on condition, 75-150 USD.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1890 serial 648700?

your Winchester model 1890 which was produced in 1921.the value is 250 dollars for one with 10% original finish remaining to 1,000 dollars for one with 85% of the original finish remaining.If your rifle is in caliber 22LR.(made from 1919-1932 which started at serial number 610,000) you could add another 50% to the above listed value,s.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94ae 30-30 serial number 6502494?

Your Winchester model 1894 angle eject rifle will bring between 250-350 dollars,depending on the overall condition of the rifle and a good bore.

What year was your model 250 22s made?

The Winchester model 250 belonged to the 200 series of rifles made by Winchester from 1965-1976.Your Winchester model 250 .22cal rifle was made from 1965-1974.

What is the worth of your 22-250 model 70 sn 886692which is in excellant condition?

If the question refers to the Winchester 70 bolt-action rifle, the 70 was not made in 22-250 caliber until 1994 in the Classic Featherweight model. Therefore, the serial number 886692, which was made in 1967, could not be 22-250 caliber.

Is there a rifle made that shoots a caliber slightly larger than a 22 caliber?

257 Roberts, 250 Savage

Value of sears model 5 lever action 22 caliber rifle?

Same as Winchester Models 150 (uncheckered stocks), or 250 (checkered stocks). Values range according to condition and checkering. In very good condition probably around $110 - $130.

What is the age of a 250 savage 3000 rifle serial 704977?

There is no way of knowing,unless you provide the model of rifle you have that is chambered in 250-3000 Savage caliber.