What is the value of a 270 Browning BLR?

The value of a Browning BLR (Lever action) is, as with all firearms, dependant upon several conditions. The condition of the firearm is the primary determining factor in its value, with the possible exception of collector guns. The BLR will vary in value depending upon its caliber as well. As of Feb. 2007, a .270 BLR I purchased was worth approximately $500.00, in good (but not excellent) condition. The particular gun of which I write I would rate as follows. Metal-Blueing, 100%. Wood stock, 85%. This gun had a few scratches on the forearm, as well as a minor scuff or two on the stock, but as noted, the metal and blueing looked literally as good as brand new. The value of this gun may depend also upon whether it has had any gunsmithing work done on it. I spent around $100.00 on mine immediately after buying it to have the trigger pull reduced from a whopping 8lbs to around 3 1/4lbs pull.