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What is the value of a 30-30 Winchester Alamo Commemorative gold plated still in box?

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Approximatley $250.00 - $300.00in excellent condition. Sold mine to a gun dealer for 225.00 not in original box but in good condition.

2006-09-06 14:48:28
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Q: What is the value of a 30-30 Winchester Alamo Commemorative gold plated still in box?
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Trying to find the value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 octagon barrel Theodore roosevelt commemorative also has stamped on the chrome or nickel plated receiver 26th president 1901-1909?

Being a commemorative doesn't really increase the value much. Compare it to one of the same year with the same features in the same caliber and add $50, ($100 if you still have the box and papers)

Is the Alamo still used?

Yes! The Alamo is still used today as a museum to help remember the Alamo!

What is the range of value of a winchester mod 94 30-30 Illinois sesquicentnnial sn SI3243?

your winchester commemorative rifle which was made in 1968,is valued at 595 dollars if it is unfired and still with the rifle,s box in which it was issued.

What is the value of buffalo bill commemorative model 94 lever action octagonal barrel 9452b?

If your Winchester is unfired and still have the original box,it is worth 595.00 dollars.

What is the value of Winchester Coca Cola Model 1500 commemorative 12 gauge never been fired still in box?

try this website:

What are some What are Facts about the Alamo?

the Americans lost the battle of the Alamo the Alamo is still here in Texas (Santonio)

What is the value of a Winchester Buffalo Bill 30.30 Lever Action 98612?

If your buffalo bill commemorative rifle is unfired(new in the box) and the box is still with the rifle then these are currently valued at 695 dollars.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 chayenne carbine 44 gold plated still in original box never fired with warranty slip instruction manual and promo poster?

Over $10,000.

Is the Alamo still standing?


Did the Winchester firearms company close?

No. Winchester is still in business.

What is the value of a 1999 copper plated dime?

If it has been copper plated, it's still just a dime.

What is the value of a gold plated 30-30 Winchester Model 94 from a limited edition of 300?

The only gold-plated commemorative 94s I locate in a brief search of my sources were limited editions of 500 or 200 and none with a production of 300 mention gold, so I can't tell exactly which gun you have. However, most of the recent Winchester commemoratives still sell near their original issue prices, some have gone down, and a few have gone up. In order to get the book price for these guns, they must be absolutely like new and accompanied by all the original packaging and manuals. Once they have been fired, they lose most of their premium value and become a "fancy shooting iron."

Does Winchester still make shotguns?

Winchester Repeating Arms Company does not still make shotguns. The company was founded in 1866 by Oliver Winchester and was defunct on March 31, 2006.

How much is a 1993 Nolan Ryan Commemorative Plate worth?

The 1993 Nolan Ryan 'Farewell' commemorative plate sells for $15 to $35. The 1993 Nolan Ryan 'Still Going Strong' commemorative plate is $20 to $35.

Is Winchester still making guns?


Where is the Battle of the Alamo fort still stand?

San Antonio, Texas.

Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70?


Is the Winchester Model 100 recall still in effect?


When was the Winchester made in?

Sometime between 1866 and this morning. The Winchester company started making rifles then, and still does so.

Did the Alamo get destroyed?

No, it still exists today and it has become a Texas travel destination.

Do they still make Winchester model 70 2506?


Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70 7mm?


Will a bank exchange commemorative coins?

If you refer to a commemorative coin that is currently in circulation, yes, banks will exchange them. If you refer to commemorative coins such as any demonetised coin like the larger pre-1998 50 Pence coins, no, banks will not exchange them. Non-circulating legal tender commemorative coins such as the Five Pound coins they will probably not show much interest in either. If you have commemorative coins that you want to get rid of and they are still in mint or excellent condition, try a coin dealer.

Why would the Alamo defenders bring their wives and children into the walls of the alomo?

Figureing it out still.

What ammunition does 1892 Winchester 25-20 use?

the ammunition would be the 25-20 Winchester center fire (25-20 WCF). ammunition is still manufactured by Winchester for this rifle.