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If it has a serial number beginning with 'V' or 'SV' it is what is known as the Victory Model, made 1942-1945. Should have either matte blue or parkerized type finish, although some commercially finished guns are known. Many have various governmental or police markings. Value for non-US marked guns is typically $200-$300. Guns with US Navy markings or other rare variants can get over $500 pretty fast.

2006-08-14 23:25:25
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What does the MP on the M4 barrel mean?

on the smith and Wesson m4, it means military police, because its sold under thesmith and Wesson M&P line of guns

What is the value of a smith and Wesson 3000 with extra police barrel?

100-300 usd

What is the value of a smith Wesson pistol with 38 sw special us service ctg's on the barrel with a serial number of 107726?

.38 Military & Police Model of 1905, made c.1907. Value is $200 in typical condition.

Value of 357 magnum ctg Dan Wesson?

200-600 or so 6in barrel police grips serial # 60099

What is the age of a 38 SW Spc Ctg six-shot with a 2 inch barrel and square butt but no model number or patent dates serial c 165466?

Smith & Wesson Military & Police, made 1948.

Where can you get a barrel for your Smith and Wesson model 1000 barrel?


Smith and Wesson barrel interchangeable 581?


What is the model number and year of a Smith and Wesson 38 special ctg serial number C 303677 I would also like to know the approximate value?

Made 1954-1956. Model numbers did not come into general use until 1957. Possibilites include a Military & Police, Military & Police Heavy Barrel, Military & Police Airweight, K-38 Masterpiece, or K-38 Combat Masterpiece. Value range could be from 100-1000. No way to tell withoutt knowing more details.

Where can you buy a smith and Wesson model 3000 3 magnum ribbed barrel 30 barrel full choke?

I would start my search at Smith and Wesson first.

What different types of ammunition can be used in a Smith and Wesson 32 caliber military and police model 1905 hand ejector 2nd change revolver on the barrel is stamped 32 Winchester ctg?

32-20. Does not interchange with other .32s. Good cartridge, good revolver.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson marked SW Special Ctg on the right side of the barrel and Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass US Pat Feb 6 06 Sept 14 09 on the left side and 179680 on the grip?

Around 1912, give or take a couple. S&W Military & Police, Model of 1905, 3rd Change.

What is the manufacture date of Smith and Wesson 6 shot revolver 38 special 2 inch barrel serial number 831760?

It could be a Military and Police model that you have with that high a serial number,which was made from 1940-1945.I am not aware that it was made with a 2 inch barrel though.Does your serial number have a letter or number and letter before the serial number?If so please relist it,and I would have a better chance of identifying your Smith and Wesson revolver,along with when it was made.

Will a mossberg slug barrel fit the smith and Wesson m1000?


Does smith and Wesson have a 4 inch barrel revolver?


What was the last year that Smith and Wesson pinned the barrel on their revolvers?

@ 1982.

How do you get off the barrel to a 357 magnum smith and Wesson?

You take it to a gunmsith.

Where you get tools to work on 357 Dan Wesson pistol?

common Allen wrenches but to remove the barrel or barrel nut look for dan Wesson parts i recently bought nut removal tool as a kit,

Was the short barrel Browning Auto-5 used for anything other than skeet guns?

Yes, police and military have used them.

Where can you buy barrel nuts for Dan Wesson model 15-2V?

Dan Wesson is now operated by CZ USA. Barrel nuts are available for about $15 plus shipping. See the link at the bottom of this page to link to the CZ parts page for Dan Wesson Revolvers:

What caliber gun is a smith Wesson serial 433248?

It should be marked on the barrel.

Smith Wesson Model 17 MasterPiece 8 38 barrel?


What is the barrel length of smith and Wesson model 39-2?

@ 4"

1974 smith and Wesson model 19 6 inch barrel?


What is the barrel length of a Smith and Wesson model 422?

4.5 or 6 inches

Does the smith and Wesson 270 have a free floating barrel or locked?

Free floated