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These were typically made by Sauer and imported under the Charles Daly name. Very collectable, and worthy of individual appraisal. Value is going to be determined by amount of engraving, overall condition, and features. Many of these drillings had a sliding bullet trap located on the bottom of the stock, pop-up rifle sights when the rifle barrel was selected, etc. Value could easily reach the $5000 mark. Please dont shoot it until you've had it looked at. May well have Damascus barrels, and using smokeless modern ammunition would be looking for trouble. We'd LOVE to see digital pictures of this one, and would be a buyer if it is to go to market.

2006-08-13 11:36:37
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What is the value of a Charles daly drilling with a 12 gauge double barrel over 30-30 rifle marked fine damascus barrels?

i bought one from Calbulas i paid 3800 for it

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