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What is the value of a 500 Pesos in Canadian dollars?

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100 (cien) intis was worth $2.98 Canadian Dollars in 1987 so that makes 500 intis 14.9 Canadian Dollars. I myself have a 500 intis note from 1987. Though it is probably not the same value anymore as in 1987 because the inti is now replaced by the sol so the exact value right now is unknown.

2011-02-19 16:03:31
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How many dollars equal 500 pesos?

50 dollars (;

How much is 500 dollars in American money worth in dominican money?

1 dollar = 35 pesos oro 100 dollars = 3500 pesos oro 1000 dollars = 35000 pesos oro 10000 dollars = 350000 pesos oro

What is the value of 500 toonies?

one thousand canadian dollars. source; able to multiply 500 x 2.

How much is 500 pound in pesos?

50 us dollars

What is 500 Mexican currency worth?

500 Mexican pesos = 45.6821255 U.S. dollars

Value of 5000 cinco mil pesos?


How much is 500 pesos to us dollars?

1 Mexican Peso equals 0.074 US Dollar. Therefore 500 pesos is worth $36.77

How much is a 500 pesos in US money?

500 Mexican pesos = 38.21 US dollars (Aug 2014)

How much is 500 quid in Canadian dollars?

As of 13 January 2018, 500 British pounds converts to 855 Canadian dollars.

How much is 500 euros in Canadian dollars?

500 euros are worth 729.908624 Canadian dollars on the 7th of August 2014.

What is the value republica mexicana 1872 un pesos?


What is 500 pesos in US dollars?

It depends on which country the pesos come from. There are currently eight countries using the peso denomination.

How much are the mixstyle headphones in pesos?

I bought them for about 50 dollars which means they would be around 500 pesos give or take.

How much is 500 million pesos in American money?

About 39$ million dollars

How much does 500 pesetas equal in dollars?

In canadian dollars 500 pesetas is equal to $3.90

How much does 4000 Mexican pesos convert to in American dollars because i have 500 pesos and i want to trade them for American money?


What is the value of an 1896 Canadian half dollar?

The value of an 1896 Canadian half dollar depends on its condition. For example, such a coin in good condition is worth around 11.79 US dollars while an uncirculated coin has a value of more than 500 US dollars.

How much is 500 pesos worth?

Five hundred Mexican pesos are equal to 38.10 US dollars. There are 13.12 Mexican pesos in one United States dollar.

What is the value of a 500 peso Mexican coin in US dollars?

If the coins are dated 1993 or later, 500 pesos would be worth about $50 at current exchange rates. If the coins are dated before 1993, they are so-called "old pesos" worth 1/1000 of current pesos, so they would be worth all of a nickel.

What is the value of a 1935 Canadian dollar bill?

The value of a 1935 Canadian dollar bill is largely dependent upon its condition. You can expect to fetch between 15 and 500 US dollars for such a bill.

How much is 299 dollars in rands?

41.86 Canadian dollars

How much does a horse cost in Mexico?

like 14,000 pesos or 140 dollars :)

How much is current exchange 500 rupees in Canadian?

500 Indian Rupees is worth about 9.79 Canadian dollars.

500 Mexican pesos to us dollars?

Hello, there! 500 Mexican pesos is approximately equal to 39.4699 US dollars. If you need a currency converter, you can search on Google for "currency converter" and they will provide you with a calculator which can help you balance your money in foreign countries.

How much is five hundred Canadian dollars in America?

As of 11/20/2012 $500 Canadian dollars equals $501.50 U.S. Dollars.