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What is the value of a Belgium Browning superimposed 12 gauge skeet 28 inch made in 1982 NEW Never fired?


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2007-12-31 06:30:01
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Check the link for the Blue Book quote


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Recently saw one LNIB that auctioned for $605 on Gunbroker.

BAR- 300 dollars Never fired BAR- 400 dollars Having a BAR in the event of a break in- Priceless 2ND AMENDMENT

I saw a Browning Belgium High Power sell on Sunday 5/17/009 for $750.00 with box and paperwork. The seller could not claim that the gun was unfired, but if it had been fired, it had not been fired much.

Which Limited Edition do you have? More information is required. Provide serial number if possible

Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, etc.. 250-1000 USD

100-10000 USD depending on specifics.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and markings.

You really need to check the acution sites. Large amounts of money are detracted for it not being EXACTLY the way it was when it left the factory. This includes all packaging, papers, etc..

No way to answer without a detailed description of all markings, accessories, box, papers, finish, condition, engraving, etc..

There shouldn't have been a limited edition made in 1968. Not sure why it is described that way. For more information about value, check the link below.

Approximate value is in the 1250.00 to 1500.00 range IF it is in pristine condition.

Thes guns have been selling between $1500 and $1800 in the box.

The 'M' in the serial number indicates the gun is a BAR sporting rifle, but there was no M57 serialization since the gun was not introduced until 1967. Please check ther serial number.

What it's worth and what you can get are two different things. 200-2000 USD

Miley Cyrus was never fired

Your question is confusing to say the least. 1. Winchester never made a "Sweet Sixteen"... that distinction belongs the Browning. 2. What do you mean by "original instructions"?

the price I am going to give is for a standard model b-2000.This is going for 425 dollars new and unfired.

Check the auction sites. To many variables that you don't address, like overall condition, accessories, box, manual, number of rounds fired, etc..

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