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$75 in top condition.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-12 18:27:31
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Q: What is the value of a Bridge Company Black Prince single shot 410?
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Who made black prince shotguns?

Bridge gun company

What is a 20 gage bridge gun company black prince worth?

$ 12500.00

What is a sixteen gage single shot Bridge Gun Company Black Prince worth?

$75 if in excellent condition, $35-$50 in typical condition.

What is a bridge gun single shot 12 gauge black prince worth?

about $100

What are facts about Bridge Gun Company?

old company made a lot lot of shot guns, including the 410 black prince

Where can you buy a bridge gun company black prince shotgun?

Anywhere you can find one for sale. But don't pay much over a hundred bucks unless you buy it from the black prince himself.

Bridge gun company black prince 20 gauge single shot shotgun serial number a669926 history and worth?

Inexpensive; made @ turn of the century, 40-100 USD or so

What is the age and value of a 410 single shot shotgun that is stamped bridge gun company black prince serial b3671?

Made by Crescent, probably around the turn of the century or a little later. Value seldom exceeds 150 USD if in pristine condition.

Can you find out when a Black Prince shotgun was made by Bridge Gun Company?

Not very precisely. Bridge Gun Co was a trade name distributed by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis. Single shots marked "Black Prince Bridge Gun Co" were made by Crescent Fire Arms (1893-1930), J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co (1886-1915), and Harrington & Richardson Arms Co (1872-1985). Double barrel guns with outside hammers marked "Bridge Gun Co. Black Prince Armory Steel Belgium" were made by Anciens Etablissment Pieper in Leige, Belgium (1905-1957), and hammerless doubles marked Bridge Black Prince were made by Crescent Fire Arms and J. Stevens Arms (1920-c.1948). If you can find that your gun was made by Stevens, the Stevens historian may be able to find an approximate date of manufacture.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Bridge Gun Company Black Prince single barrel shotgun?

my grandfather died in the mid fifies i am now 53 years old and possess the 12 gauge single barrel that was once his. it is so old that the rust is almost impossible to get off. i figure the gun must be at least 80 years old!

What is the value of a 16 gauge black prince single shot shotgun?

50-100 USD

When was Black Bridge created?

Black Bridge was created in 2007.

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