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The 'M' in the serial number indicates the gun is a BAR sporting rifle, but there was no M57 serialization since the gun was not introduced until 1967. Please check ther serial number.

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What is the value of a Browning 270 rifle made in Belgium with serial number G5113M70 model 710715?

50-600 usd

What is the value of a Belgium Browning Luger?

Browning did not make the Luger

How do you find out the age of a Belgium Browning serial?

Call Browning

Browning over under 20 ga lightning belgium?

Yes, Browning has made the Superposed Lightning in Belgium.

Browning gun and you want learn if your gun is from belgium or from japan?

I have Browning gun and i want learn if my gun is from belgium or from japan?

When was browning BLR 308 rifle produced in belgium?

You will have to call Browning.

What has more value a browning made in belgium or made in japan?


What is a browning Belgium seriel?

No way to answer.

Where was the browning gun made in?


What is the difference between a browning gun that is made in Belgium and a browning gun that is made in Belgium assembled in Portugal?

You have answered your own question.

Was any browning 2000 shotguns assembled in belgium?

All Browning B-2000 shotguns were Belgium manufacture but assembled in Portugal.

What year was belgium browning high power 245AZ51790?

You must call Browning.

What is the value of a belgium browning 1958 light what is the value of a 1958 belgium browning light twelve serial?

50-500 USD or so

Is a 1969 browning light 12 made in Belgium?

Yes.All Browning shotguns made prior to the year 1976 were Belgium made shotguns.

What year was your belgium browning made and the value ser?

what is the year made and value of ser. #'s 7g 10367 &236272 Belgium browning

When did Browning make guns in Belgium?

FN still makes weapons is Belgium

How old is Belgium Browning Sweet 16 -1S65955?

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1961.

Where are browning shotguns made?

Belgium and Japan.

302 belgium browning value?


Can you buy belgium made browning?


Where is the browning made?

Japan, Portugal and Belgium

Where was browning lever action manufactured?


What is A-5 light 20 Belgium Browning made in 1961 worth?

What is an A-5 light 20 Belgium Browning made in 1961 worth

When was this firearm produced Belgium browning 22 long rifle serial?

You will have to call Browning

What type of Browning 30-06 Belgium made rifle end in serial numbers M71?

The suffix of M71 was assigned to the Browning model BAR(Browning semi-auto rifle) which was made in the year 1971 in Belgium for Browning.

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