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Does it have the original box, manual or any accessories? Is it a standard rifle or does it have any engraving? Serial number? All affect value. Price range from 500-1500

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How old is this Browning Belgium 16 ga shotgun with the serial number 43010 in Excellent condition and what is its approximate worth?

1903-1939. Value depends on condition. Your definition of excellent might not mean excellent in terms of collectable Browning shotguns. Broad range; a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand.

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial no S 84523?

with these fine made Belgium shotguns,condition is everything in the value of your Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun which was made in Belgium in the year 1957.They can be worth between 300-1,200 dollars if the original condition is quite prevalent and the bore is in excellent condition.

What is the value of a Browning automatic 20 gauge shotgun serial number 68Z 32787 made in Belgium?

To determine the exact value of a Browning automatic 20 gauge shotgun made in Belgium, a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Some of these things are the age and condition of the shotgun.

What is value of 1971 issue browning 30.06 grade II excellent condition Belgium?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description and the serial number.

What is it worth browning 12 ga light twelve made in belgium G71463?

About $550 for plain barrel, $850 for vent rib. This is for EXCELLENT condition, lesser condition less $$$.

How much would a belgium browning 12gauge automatic sell for?

Depending on age and condition of your browning semi-auto shotgun?You will find the value ranging between 350-550 dollars for your browning auto-5 shotgun.

What is value of Browning Lightning 20 gauge shotgun made in Belgium serial no 19246 excellent original condition?

Need a detailed description of finish, condition, box, papers, all features and markings.

What is the value an A'5 browning shotgun made in Belgium Serial 201294 made between 1903 1939 excellent shape and working condition?

Your browning auto-5 shotgun was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1938.In the condition that you describe your shotgun should be worth between 450-550 dollars.

What is the value of a Browning high power 9mm in excellent condition that was made in Belgium?

I saw a Browning Belgium High Power sell on Sunday 5/17/009 for $750.00 with box and paperwork. The seller could not claim that the gun was unfired, but if it had been fired, it had not been fired much.

What is the value of a brownings auto5 light twelve serial 63g43883 belgium special steel 2 34 barrel in excellent condition?

If your browning auto-5 is in excellent condition(85-90%)original finish?I would assign a value of 550-650 dollars.

What is the value of a browning belgium semi automatic shotgun?

Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, condition, etc.. 100-1000 USD

What type of belgium browning automatic shotgun would have 2M-83490 as the serial number and the value?

With the serial number 2m-83490,you have a Browning auto-5 standard weight shotgun that was manufactured in Belgium for Browning in the year 1962.The value will range in price from 375-550 dollars,depending on the overall condition of the shotgun and a good bore.

What is a belgium browning 270 semi automatic worth?

100-1000 and up depending on specifics

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