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It depends on a few factors; i.e. round or octogon barrel, private or retail sale. However, an average price will be in the neighborhood of $900 to $1200. And this is also on the assumption that we are talking about a .22-250. Hope that helps!

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Does browning still make a rifle with 18 inch barrel?


Is the Browning Automatic Rifle still sold today?


Does Deerfield still make a 22 cal single shot rifle?


Do you still make the gun with the interchangeable rifle and shotgun barrel?

I do not personally, but yes, there is a single shot rifle that can have the rifle barrel replaced with a shotgun barrel.

What is the value of a new Browning FN .22 auto rifle?

Hey there ive got an almost same rifle an FN browning 22 LR dismountable model about 1930 (observeve these are still in fabrique this year of 2010 this gun is still up to date about price in Sweden 500 us dlrs on the net variating up to 1000 usdlrs these ex are i suppose an old nazigenerals gun with ornaments and sofort but still the same type of rifle my regards

Where can you get an owners manual for a Browning Sweet Sixteen?

Still available from Browning.

Will browning rework or refinish old browning firearms?

Some they still do. Contact Browning at the link below

Hi you have a browning 1886 hi grade bnib you wish to sell never been fired how much can you reasonably ask for the rifle?

If this is still available, I would offer $1500.

What is the value of a browning Richard Nixon edition rifle?

Please explain what you mean by Richard Nixon Nixon Rifle. Browning never made a commemorative nor any rifle dubbed "Richard Nixon". There may have been situations where a Browning was presented to him, but none that had an official title. The only Browning that I know connected to President Nixon, is the 2,000,000 Auto-5. It was to be presented to Nixon, but he rufused it due to worries about public opinion at the time. Two Auto-5's were made, the second had serial# 2000,000,000x. Both guns were held by Browning until they decided to donate one in 1985. The duplicate 2,000,000,000x is still at Browning HQ in Utah. The original was donated by Browning to the National Shooting Sports foundation for auction held January 1986. The gun sold for $50,000 at the auction to a private collector.

What is the value of a Olympian belgium browning 54453L69 375 h and h new still in box?

Hello, It depends on if the rifle is a saltwood rifle. The 1969 rifles were some of the worst with saltwood. Give me a call at 417-830-5588 and I will try to help you more.

What is a browning 308 Norma magnum worth?

The 308 Norma Mag is beyond a hunting rifle. It is more of an AMW. (Anti-Material-Weapon) or a very long range sniper rifle. If the rifle is in good shape and still has the standard wood stock and medium barrel, I would say it is worth $1,000.00 American dollars.

What is the value of an original Browning 45-70 single shot lever action falling block number 201 Built in Ogden Utah?

Sorry it took so long to get to your question. By now you may have found out how special this rifle is. This sounds like one of the original Browning rifles made by te Browning Brothers in the 1880s. This is extremely rare, and Im sure the Browning Arms Co. would like to hear from you. Many of the 600 or so rifles that were made in Ogden, are documented as to where they are and that they are still in existence. No matter what condition, these rifles have great collector interest.Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend that you contact Browning and discuss this with the Company historian. Link is below, and congradulations on owning a rifle of great historical significance.

When was the Browning shotgun made?

Which model? Browning has been making shotguns since 1903 and still is.

Is Elizabeth Browning still alive?

No. Poet Elizabeth Browning died in June 29, 1861

Is Browning Industries still active today?


Where can you get a browning firearm factory refurbished?

Contact Browning Customer Service through their website. They ARE still in business.

Are browning shotguns still belgian made?

The FN Custom Shop is still making High Grade Over/Under Shotguns. Contact Browning for details

Does browning still manufacture pistiols in belgium?


Does Browning still make the BSS shotgun?

If you have the money....

Does Stevens-browning still make guns?

No they do not.

Benjamin Franklin air rifle 347 what is it worth?

The Benjamin model 347 was made between 1969-92. it's a single shot pump rifle. In order to give an estimate of value please state the condition of the rifle. Is it still working? Is it in excellent, very good, good, fair or poor condition?

History of browning model B26?

This is the same as a Superposed model shotgun. Introduced in 1931, Browning still makes these in Belgium.

Is Taurus 63 rifle still made?


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