What is the value of a Browning 7 mm Remington mag made in Belgium with the numbers 58400 L70 stamped on the side in great shape?

Is your rifle a Safari, Medallion or Olympian Grade Bolt action? Assuming it is in absolute mint condition and no salt wood, the Safari is worth $850-$1050, Medallion grade $1,900-$2,100 and Olympian Grade $5,200-$5,800. The price range is based on condition of the rifle, wood grain and engravers (Olympian Grade). Your rifle is a short extractor model (1968-1975) which typically doesn't command the same price as the long extractor rifles (1960-1967) and it is a 7 mm. The 7 mm is one of the highest number produced calibers for that era rifle. One thing you need to do is test the wood with silver nitrate solution to find out if it is a salt wood rifle. Browning tried to cure the wood on their stocks quicker back in 1967-68 by putting a mound of salt on the stocks. The salt was pulled into the wood and now we have salt wood stocks. The majority of people will tell you that you only need to be concerned about salt wood from late 1968 to 1971. That is not true and I have prooved it. I have personally tested 1968-1974 rifles with salt wood stocks. Unfortunately, if it is a saltwood rifle you are looking at almost giving it away to get rid of it.