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What is the value of a Buffalo Bill commemorative rifle. How do you tell the year it was made?


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If it is the Winchester commemorative made in 1968, the Blue Book says $450.

I own a 1976 Buffalo Bill Commemorative. Mine has been appraised anywhere from 500 to 700$

How do you know when it was made?


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The buffalo Bill commemorative rifle was issued in the year 1968.

If your buffalo bill commemorative rifle is unfired(new in the box) and the box is still with the rifle then these are currently valued at 695 dollars.

The Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle,or carbine were made in the year 1968.

Your buffalo bill comm.rifle was made by Winchester in 1968.

Your Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill Commemorative will bring 695 dollars for a rifle unfired(new in the box condition) and the issued box and hangtags with it.If fired then the value will be between 250-350 dollars.

If your Buffalo Bill commemorative rifle,and or carbine model is unfired(new in the box)condition.Then your rifle would be worth 695 dollars.If it has been fired,or hunted with then the value would be 250-350 dollars.If you have the Buffalo Bill 1 of 300 presentation model,new in unfired condition?The value would be 3,250 dollars.

What is the value of a Buffalo Bill Rifle never used and still in original box? Also, a John Wayne Rifle in original package.

Most all Buff Bill Commemoratives were made in 1968.

What is the estimated value of a Buffalo Bill Cody Winchester 30-30 rifle?

If you have the Buffalo Bill rifle,or Carbine model.The value will be 695 dollars for a rifle or Carbine that is new in the box(Unfired) and the box with it.If you have a Buffalo bill one of 300 presentation model,then th value will be 3,250 dollars for the same unfired(new in the box condition).

You have a Winchester Commemorative rifle,which is the buffalo bill model.This was made in the year 1968.

It is worth 695 dollars for a specimen that has not been fired(new in the box) with the original box and hang tags,If your rifle has been shot then the value is 300 dollars.

If your rifle is in unfired(new condition) with the original box and hang tags,then the price is 695 dollars.If fired and no box,then between 200-350 dollars.

Which one. The buffalo Bill 150 anniversary model, The Buffalo Bill Scout or the 1938 Buffalo Bill. If you want an estimate of value then you need to state the current condition of the rifle. Like Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent. Without more information it is not possible to answer you.

your 2 gun set of winchester commemorative,s are valued at 1400-1450 dollars if you have never fired your firearms(i e new in the box) and you have both boxes and hang tags that were issued with your firearms.

Page 282 of Wilson's "Winchester - An American Legend". 1917 is the year Wm Cody died. The commemorative rifle and carbine were made in 1968.

The WC prefix to your serial number indicates that you have a Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill commemorative rifle which was made in the year 1968.

Answer lucretia borgiabuffalo bill named his rifle lucretia borgia after a character in a victor Hugo play signed buffalo bill in North Dakota

If your Winchester is unfired and still have the original box,it is worth 595.00 dollars.

Depends on who made it. Most commemorative firearms have the same parts as a non-commemorative, just different finish/ markings. If your rifle is, say, a Winchester 94, then any schematic for a Win. 94 will be close to what you have.

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