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These early single-shot shotguns top out at $100.

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What is the value of a Forehand arms Co of Worchester Mass hand gun Dated between 1886-1887?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics

What is the value of a forehand arms co of Worcester Mass double barrel shotgun model GG dated May 18 32?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a Feb 5 1895 forehand single shot shotgun?

25-100 dollars

What is the value of a Forehand Arms Co pistol dated in the 1800s that still fires?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a Forehand Arms Worcester Mass model 99 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

$125 dollars

What is the value of a Forehand Arms 12 gauge shotgun serial number 34589?

Value is based on exact make, model and condition. You gave us the make only.

What is the value of a side by side 12 gauge Eclipse Meteor shotgun dated 1892?

$100-$250, depending on condition and how well it looks over the fireplace. It would have little or no value as a useable shotgun.

What is the year and value of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Co 12 gauge forehand model single shot shotgun serial?

Your shotgun which was made between 1903-1915,will bring between 80-125 dollars,depending on overall condition.

Where can you find information about a Hopkins and Allen Forehand model shotgun serial number 745329?

Forehand Arms Co was absorbed by Hopkins & Allen c.1902, and for a couple of years H&A produced shotguns with the Forehand name. By the start of WW1 H&A was attempting to fill military contracts with the Belgian government which drove them into bankruptcy, with Marlin absorbing the remnants in 1921. Value is going to be uniformly low, under $100.

Does a forehand 38 cal have any value?

Depends on condition and features

What is the value of a Forehand Arms Co of Worcester Mass Patented Feb 4 1896 twelve gauge single barrel shotgun serial number 89711?

I bought the same shotgun, serial number in the 91000s, for 50 dollars. Ones in good condition can go for 80 dollars. Unless, it is in perfect condition, 80 dollars is the max value.


what is the value of a Ithaca 12 ga shotgun

What is the value of a Forehand Arms 12 gauge Shotgun serial number 108599?

Answer Forehand ArmsFirearms are treated somewhat like used cars when attempting to determine value. Condition, the manufacture, and model are usually the most important guidelines used in determining the value of any modern fiream. The Forehand Arms Co. ( origanally as Forehand and Wadsworth) was in busness from the early 1870's until acquired by Hopkins & Allen sometime after the middle 1890's. They manufactured only (I believe ) low cost trade guns. There is probably no longer any serial number histroy available to determine exact age. Your firearm was made sometime after 1892 when the name was changed. In order to determine value the condition of the firearm has to be known. My guess, though, is that unless it is in very good condition the value is such that it would best be used as a decoration in the den.

What is the value of a sweet sixteen shotgun dated from 1951 serial number X 44476 without a gold trigger but has all the engraving?

100-1000 USD

What is the value of a shotgun stamped Cracker Jack Southern Arms Company that is dated Aug 14 1900 14 gauge?

50-100 or so

What year was the browning sweet 16 serial number 9s36272 made and its value?

The 9S prefix to your serial number dated your browning sweet sixteen shotgun to 1959.As to the value you have 3 distinct values based on the barrel design that came with your shotgun.The values that I am going to list is based on your shotgun having a finish of from60%-90% original finish on the metal and wood,along with a good bore.first if your shotgun has a plain barrel then the value would be 425-725 dollars.If your shotgun has a solid matte barrel then the value is between 600-950 dollars.Last if your shotgun has a vent rib barrel then the value would be 675-1,050 dollars.

Have a forehand wadsworth BB revolver sn 54873 Wat the value?

I think you are asking about a forehand wadsworth British Bulldog not a BB gun. As far as I know, I do not know of any Forehand Wadsworth BB guns. Please rephrase your question and re-post it.

What is the approximate value of a center break 5 shot made by Forehand Arms Co Worchester Mass Pat 1-11 11-29 1887 1-03 1888 with i 5 inch barrel and wooden grips?

Can't be answered without knowing if it has the box, papers, accessories, caliber, finish, condition, etc..

What is the value of a 10 gauge double barrel Ansel and Deeley shotgun dated 1876 with a number of No2012 on it?

i have a double barral mad on feb 10 1914 what is it worth

What is the value of browning shotgun serial 436545?

Impossible to value with just the serial number and "shotgun".

Value of zabala 20ga double barrell shotgun?

what is the value of a 20ga zabala hermanos shotgun

What is the value of eaa 410 gauge shotgun?

What is the value oof a .410 gauge shotgun

What is the value of forehand arms offset hammer shotgun?

Forehand & Wadsworth of Worcester Mass. Was in operation from 1871 to 1890. They were mostly known for their handguns. They made a couple models of derringers, and several models of full size and pocket revolvers. The most popular of the Forehand & Wadsworth revolvers at the time were the brand name guns they made; Terror, Swamp Angel, and American Bulldog.Forehand & Wadsworth did make a couple other guns though, a falling block type rifle, some side-by-side shotguns, and the pictured single shot shotgun.Due to it's uniqueness, and somewhat obscurity, I would give this shotgun a value of somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. If the right collector needs this particular piece to round out a collection it may fetch as much as $400.

What is the value of a Beebe arms double barrel shotgun?

What is the value of a Beebe arms double barrel shotgun?

What is the value of sears roebuck model101.40 12guage shotgun?

value of a jc higgins 101-40 shotgun