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it depends on the size,condition and originality of the flag. is it a standard red flag with a white circle and swastica, is the swastica made of pieces of cloth or is it printed? can you send me a picture? regards, mark.

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Q: What is the value of a German Nazi flag from World War 2?
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Why is the Nazi flag flown in Germany?

The Nazi flag is not flown in Germany. It is against German law to display the Nazi flag and other Nazi symbols

What is the symbol on the Nazi German flag called?

The swaztika.

What is the name of the German flag in the world war 2?

After much research we now refer to this flag as "The German War Ensign", which was used by the Nazi Party between 1920 and 1945.

What was the German Flag in World War 2?

The Germans used the Swastika on their flags. It was a peace symbol used by Buddhists and Hindus but was copied by the Nazi's for their regime This is still debated even today, but essentially the German World War 2 flag was the German War Ensign, which was used by the Nazi party between 1920 and 1945.

What is your German nazi world war 2 flag worth?

Depends on the condition, the specific type & size of the flag. Does it have history? Where did it come from? Any proof of its origin?

What are the 3 main Flags in the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

Nazi flag, a German flag, and a Jewish flag

What is the value of a nazi flag off a staff car from World War 2?

2 dollars...why profit off murder

Nazi flag that was signed by the US soldiers who helped liberate Germany Is it of any value?

this is the signed Nazi flag It is signed by the US soldiers. It even has blood on it.

What does the Nazi flag represent?

The Nazi flag represents the Nazi Party and its ideology.

How do you say German flag in German?

German flag = deutsche Fahne German flag = deutsche Flagge

What is the Nazi Germany Flag Composed of?

Nazi Germany's flag was composed of a red flag, a white disk, and a black swastika in the middle of the white disk. Hitler thought it important to keep the color scheme of the original German Empire's flag. Hermann Goering commented on the flag, saying, "The black, red, and white flag, while honoured, is the symbol of a bygone era."

What is the Nazi flag look like?

The nazi flag is Red with a white circle in the middle, and in the middle of the flag ther is a black swastika in the middle

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