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Gibson Model D tractors were manufactured for less than 10 years after the end of WW2. The fact that are many still in daily use attests to their utility and durability. The simplicity of design and use of industrial quality components makes repairs simple compared to other tractors.

The value of a tractor depends on its use, Originality, Condition, completeness, implements included, upgrades or accessories location and market conditions. Intended for utility work around the estate of farm, originality and appearance are of far less importance (value) than operating condition upgrades, implements included etc.

The same tractor intended for show or to run in a parade two three times a year would favor completeness, appearance, originality, and the ability to run slowly for a few hours.

Value then depends on further information and intentions of the buyer.

I have paid $50 for an incomplete parts tractor because what was included was useable. Fifteen years ago I gladly gave $200 for a model D with 3 rotted tires but otherwise complete. Stuck, yes, but easily freed up.

It is still in daily use.

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Q: What is the value of a Gibson Model D tractor?
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