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What is the year a Hercules 12 gauge shot gun made

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Q: What is the value of a Hercules 12gauge single shot shotgun made by Montgomery Wards-age is at least 70 years - my grandfather traded for this gun when he was 13 and he is now 83?
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What is value of 1873 bay state arms 12gauge shotgun worcester mass.?

Depends on if your grandfather gave it to you after your first hunting trip with him or not. Priceless if he did.

When did Montgomery wards start selling browning 12gauge shot guns with there name on them?

The Ward guns were only built on the Browning Patent. Other than that Browning Arms Co. had nothing to do with them

What is a pointer 12gauge shotgun worth made in turkey?


Where can i buy an Ithaca XL 900 12gauge?

It'll cost ya...

What is the value of a sportsman 58 12gauge shotgun?

100-300 USD

What is the manufacture year of a browning a 5 serial71v91828 12gauge magnum?


What is the value of a double barrel hpieper 12gauge and 45-70?


How much is a jchiggins 12gauge model583.13 worth?

$75 to $125, depending on condition.

What is the date of manufacture of Ithaca model 37 12gauge with ser no 409300?


HttpwikianswerscomQWhat is the age of a 12gauge pump model 12 serial 1551188?

@ 1956

How do you put toghether a Remington sportsman 12gauge pump?

Best left to a gunsmith

What is the value of the browning A500 semi auto 12gauge?

50-550 usd

How can I find a 12gauge shotgun no certain brand?

Gun shop, gun show,.

What is a browning cynergy 12gauge shoot gun worth?

100-1000 or so

Who made the spiegel huntmaster bolt action 12gauge model 128?


What is value of Browning Automatic5 12Gauge Shotgun serial?

50-500 usd

What year was the Beretta pump action 12gauge Silver Pigeon serial 010749 manufactured?

I have one ,witch I got in the 1960s-it's not hear so i don't know the serial #-butt it is a 12gauge silver pigeon.

What year was the westernfield model m550ad 12gauge pump shotgun manufactured?

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards (marked with their brand- Westernfield) by Mossberg, and is their model 550. As far as age- no way to tell. IF your shotgun does not have a serial number, it would have been made prior to 1968. <><><> Note to previous poster- Sears did not use the Westernfield brand- that belonged to Montgomery Wards. They DID use J.C. Higgins and Ted Williams as brand names.

What is the estimated value of a 1941 12gauge semiautomatic Browning shotgun?

50-500 usd

What is the value of a Winchester model 12 12Gauge shotgun with Serial 1124280?

Check out for your answer!

What year is your 12gauge light a5 with these numbers OG 73890?

This gun was made in 1960

What era were the keystone double barrel 12gauge wrabbit ears made?

Turn of the century

You are looking for the manufacturer of a 12gauge shotgun wser323452patmay141901 in worcestermassus?

can't be done without pictures/

Who built ranger single shot 12gauge shotguns? has a store brand chart.

When was a Ithica double barrel shotgun 12gauge serial number 39082 made?


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