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I have one from a gun show a month ago, paid $40.00 but it was missing the paw that rotates the cylinder. Built a part easily and it works well now. I have seen them asking $125.00 but a good looking functional one should be had for about a $100.00 or less. One interesting thing about these little guys is that the cylinder rotates freely when it is not cocked. Larry

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โˆ™ 2007-11-18 03:08:56
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Q: What is the value of a Hopkins Allen arms co XL double action 22 caliber 7 shot revolver?
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What is the value of a Cheyenne magnum double action 32 caliber revolver?

25-75 USD

What is value of 38 caliber double action revolver?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics.

What are the Calibers of Colt Lightning Revolvers?

Colt Model 1877 "Lightning" Double Action Revolver in caliber .38 Colt and the similar revolver model "Thunderer" in caliber .41 Colt.

Do you need to pull back the hammer on .50 caliber revolvers?

It depends on the make and model. Is it a double action or single action revolver?

How can you find out the value of a 32 caliber revolver called The American double action?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Which handguns might be fitted with a mechanical safety?

Double action revolver

What is the value of 1884 colt 44-40 caliber double action revolver?

colt made single action revolvers in 1884. Do you mean 1984 ????

What is the age and value of a colt double action revolver 38 caliber serial 18588?

Would need a model name to answer.

What is the age and value of a Colt Double Action revolver in 38 caliber serial 165834?

Need to know the model type to answer.

What is value of XL double action 38 cal revolver by Hopkins and Allen mfg co circa 1941?

0-150 USD or so

The value of a Hopkins and Allen 32 cal revolver markings XLS double action centre fire patentJan586?

10-100 USD or so

What is the manufacture date of a Colt Army Special 38 caliber with a serial number 483289?

if double action revolver it was probably made about 1923

What is the value of a 32 cal XLD double action revolver made by Hopkins and Allen mfg?

Depends on exact model and condition, but typically $125-$300.

When was the Victor 38 revolver made?

the 'victor double action' series of revolver were marketed as a direct competitor to Iver Johnson's u.s. revolver co. double action (1910-1935).

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber Colt serial 101898?

Need a better description. Is it a pistol or revolver? What are the markings on the barrel or slide? is it a single action(cowboy gun)? is a double action(police gun)?

What is the value of a 5-shot double action revolver serial 288577?

Assuming it is .38 caliber and therefore a J-frame, and without knowing condition, $150-$300

What is the value on a rosco arms 22 caliber double action revolver serial number 143151?

value depends on overall condition, however, the rosco has little value...........

What is a double action Ruger speed six?


How do you unlock the double action revolver in red dead?

get 75 kills with the single action revolver and make it PAST level 23

How old is Hopkins Allen XL double action revolver octangle barrel chrome or nichel plated serial number r379 on the butt?

@ turn of the century give or take a decade

Is there a double action western revolver?

Well, yes and no. The traditional "Western" revolver, such as a Colt Peacemaker, was a single action. However, the Colt Lightning and the Thunderer were double action. High Standard also made revolvers that were similar in appearance to the Colt Peacemaker, but were double action. And there must be more. The Starr Double Action .44 black powder cap and ball revolver began production in the late 1850s.

Did smith and Wesson make a double action model 547?

Smith and Wessons model 547 revolver is a double action revolver chambered in 9mm.these revolvers were made from 1980-1984.

Western Auto revelation 22 caliber revolver model 76?

It was made by Hi Standard. It's a model Double Nine (DBL9) 9 shot single or double action 22 cal western pistol.

What is the age and value of a 6-shot 32 caliber Colt double action revolver serial 6087 with checkered hard rubber grips with the colt emblem at the top?

it was made about 1907........................

What year was the Hopkins and Allen mfg co pat jan586 XL double action 38 caliber centre fire made?

Your Hopkins & Allen XL model was made between 1902-1914.These were a five shot double action.there value is not much,between 55-160 dollars.