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There are just too many variables to Ithaca shotguns to be able to give you a estimated value. If you go to the shotgun message board at Antique Guns you can find some true Ithaca experts. Be prepared to tell them EVERYTHING that is marked on the gun and WHERE it is marked. You will need to remove the forestock and barrels to find marks on the flats of the receiver and bottom of the barrel. Also, give the condition as a percent of ORIGINAL finish remaining, and either fully describe the engraving or give a link to photos.

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Q: What is the value of a Ithaca Gun Co shotgun?
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Where is the serial number on an Ithaca Gun Co Double Barrel Shotgun?

Watertable, forearm metal, and barrels

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Model 87?

Historical Overview of the Ithaca Gun Co. says that in 1987 Ithaca Acquisitions, Inc. Moved the gun making operations to King Ferry, NY. and changed the model m-37 to model 87. In 1996 Ihtaca gun Co. LLC changed it back to model 37.

What is Ithaca Gun Co serial number 490368416?

You have a Ithaca Model 49 Saddle Gun which was mfg between 1962-1978.

What is the value and age of a 16 gauge Western Arms Branch Ithaca Gun Co Inc double barrel single trigger shotgun serial S41412?

The Western Arms Corp was created by the Ithaca Gun Company in 1929 to introduce a new, low cost double gun. This model was last made at the start of WW2. The value range: Exc V.G. Good Fair Poor 450 350 200 150 N/A

What is value of eclipse gun co belgium 7212 12 gauge shotgun patent number 488368?


Ithaca gun co serial 272839?

You really need to give more information to get a good answer. If this is a double barrel shotgun, sn 272839 is what is called a Flues model invented by Emil Flues, introduced in 1908 and produced through 1926. It was offered in five gauges and 11 different grades and the value of the gun depends on the condition, grade, features, and, to a degree, the gauge. If you want a reasonable estimate of the value, have the gun appraised by a reputable gun smith or Ithaca collector.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca NY US hammerless double barrel shotgun?

Open the action and on the receiver flat will be the serial number and another number denoting the grade. Need all of that information, as well as some digital pictures to determine condition.

What is the value of a Wilmont Gun Co double barrel shotgun with Belgian Royal Damascus barrels?

WILMONT GUN CO guns were made in Belgium from c.1880 to c.1915. Value is going to be low, with excellent examples under $400. Please do not attempt to fire the shotgun.

Where can i get a manual for a model 900 Ithaca?

go to WWW.ITHACAGUN.COM that the factory Website there you can get a manual directly from Ithaca gun Co.

I have an Ithaca 12 ga double barreled internal hammer shotgun i have looked on it for numbers and i have found 9943 and on another part it says 212 it says Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca NY wondering value?

By your ques I take it that 9943 was on the watertable and that it is the serial numberand it equtes to an Ithaca Crass 1889, as for your 212 number you stated in your ques that would equate to a 12 ga grade 2.

What is the value of a Bridge Gun Co double barrel shotgun with thumb hammers and double triggers?

50-100 or so

What is Ithaca Gun Co serial number 289515?

double 12 ga

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