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What is the value of a JC Higgins 22 caliber pneumatic pellet pistol 1934?

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What model what is the sears code and model JC Higgins was a Sears & roebuck brand name They sold guns with this name brand from 1946 to to 1962 depending on the sears code it was made some were in that time period .With out the Sears code no. there is no way to determine value

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What is the highest fps Pellet pistol?

About 1000 fps for a pre-charged pneumatic, such as the Evanix.

How do you unjam a pellet pistol?

You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod to push the pellet back into the loading breech from the barrel.

Who makes single pump 177 pellet pistol?

Beeman makes the single pump pneumatic .177 pellet pistol called a P3 there are several variations of this German pistol like the "Marksman 2004" made in China and a few other less valuable and less quality.

What is the value of JC Higgins pneumatic pellet pistol model no 126.19340?

This model was made for Sears by Crosman air gun Co. In actuality it is a Crosman model 130. It was made from 1953 through 1970 in two variations. I am unable to give an estimate of value with out knowing the condition of the pistol. Condition determines the value.

How do you get a daisy 15xt bb air pistol unjammedk i have pellet stuck in chamber?

The 15XT is a BB pistol, like the name says. It is not a Pellet pistol. If you can't force is back into the BB holding slide then you might as well buy a new pistol. You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod and use it to push the pellet back into the BB loading port

Are 22 cal pellet air rifles used in Olympics?

The Olympic air pistol and air rifle events use a .177 caliber pellet. The biathlon (skiing and shooting) uses a .22 caliber rim fire rifle.

What size pellet does a 130 Benjamin pistol use?

the Benjamin model 130 doesn't use a pellet it was designed for a .175 caliberBB. The 130 line of rifles came in 3 sizes. the 130 fired a BB, the 132 fired a .22 caliber pellet and the 137 fired a .177 caliber pellet. they were made between 1946 to 1985

How old is your Benjamin Franklin air pistol model 132?

The 132 is part of the 130 series of pistols made between 1946 to 1985. The 130 was a BB gun, the 132 was a .22 caliber and 137 was a .177 caliber pellet pistol.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Ted Williams pellet pistol?

Only value would be as a shooter. Under $50 probably.

Where can you find a plastic grip for a J C Higgins model 85 22 caliber pistol?


Which is the most powerful pellet air pistol?

The most powerful air pistol would be a Air Force Talon-p 25 Caliber. This is a PCP class air pistol. The air tank uses 3000 PSI to fire the pistol.

How do you load a Benjamin Franklin air rifle pistol 122?

The Model 122 is a .22 caliber pellet pistol, not a BB or .177 caliber pistol. Pump up the pistol, Not more than 10 pumps. Open the breech by turning the knob at the rear. Pull it all the way back. Load the .22 pellet in the breech. The skirt faces the rear. Close the breech. Rotate the knob to lock it in place. Aim, release the safety and fire.

What does a 22 caliber pistol hold?

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

Where can you get a diagram for a 9-shot 22 caliber JC Higgins pistol?

Depending on which model, we can probably email one to you.

What kind of bullet does a airsoft beeman p17 need?

The Beeman P-17 is a Pellet Pistol not an Airsoft Pistol. Airsoft shoot 6MM plastic BB's. The P-17 shoots .177 caliber Pellets at 410 Feet Per Second. (FPS) considerably faster and deadlier than any airsoft pistol. Do not shoot anyone else with a pellet pistol it could cause serious injury. If you are not sure how to shoot a pellet pistol find someone who understands shooting to teach you. Pellet pistols are beyond BB guns so the P-17 is NOT a BB gun. Be safe.

What is the ball for in the pellet gun model 38c?

I am not quit sure what you mean by "BALL?" I own several Crosman 38's, If you mean BB then the answer is it is not designed to shoot BB's. It fires a pellet that is either a .177 caliber or a .22 caliber depending on the particular model. If you look at the right side of the barrel it will say .177 or .22 cal to let you know what caliber the pistol is made to shoot. Do not use BB's in the pistol it will ruin the rifling in the barrel.

Where can you find parts for your 1934 jc Higgins air pellet pistol?

Which model. If the model number starts with 126 it was made by Crosman if it starts with 799 it was made by Daisy.

Value of a 1960 Crosman 600 CO2 pellet pistol with original box and papers excellent condition?

The model 600 was made between 1960-1970 it is a .22 caliber pellet pistol, in the condition you describe it is worth in the area of $275. Plus, add 20% for original box and papers.

What calibre gun can kill a magpie bird?

A BB gun or pellet gun will do the trick. If you mean actual firearms, then a regular .22 caliber rifle will work. A .22 caliber pistol would also work, but it is quite difficult to hit anything very far away with a pistol.

What is a jc Higgins semiautomatic pellet pistol 126.19360 worth?

If I am right the pistol was made by By Crosman for Sears under the JC Higgins name. It's a Crosman model 600. 22 Cal C02 pistol. Made between 1960 and 1970. Value is determined by the current condition. Without more information about the working and current condition it is not possible to set a value.

Strongest air pistol Feet per second?

Air Pistol, NOT Air Soft Pistol. Then I would have to say it's the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 by Evanix It fires a .22 caliber pellet at over 1000 Feet per second But's that's just my opinion. I think it would be hard to find another pistol that fires a .22 cal pellet that fast. See the link below

What size pellets are used for a Benjamin air pistol model 250?

The Benjamin 250 is one of three pistols that make up the 250 line of air guns. Here is how they break down: 250 is a .175 BB pistol 252 is a .22 caliber pellet pistol 257 is a .177 caliber pistol. The problem is finding .175 BB's today most all BB are .177 caliber. I've heard that BB are still .175 only the caliber of the barrel has moved up to .177 to accommodate pellets. I suggest you just try one.

What is the best 22 caliber pistol for around 100 dollars?

Sorry, but if you mean .22 Rimfire (as opposed to a pellet gun) I do not know of a GOOD pistol for $100. Spend $200-300 for a Ruger Mk III or a Browning Buckmark.

What is the most powerful air pistol repeater?

Most likely it would be the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 by Evanix. It fires a 22 caliber pellet at 1000 FPS. This pistol is in a class of PCP pistols. (Pre Charged Pneumatics.)

Where do you find the serial number on a Benjamin franklin model 137 air pistol?

Benjamin made this model from 1946 to 1985, but did not start serializing them until 1957. I also have a Benjamin Franklin that has no serial number. Before 1957 it is not possible to set an exact date. Just know it's OLD. The 137 is a .177 caliber pellet pistol the 132 is a .22 caliber pistol and the 130 is a BB pistol.