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What is the value of a J Stevens 32 calibre centerfire Crack Shot rifle?


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Side lever Crackshot--$100 to $250 No. 26 Crackshot -- $100 to $250 No. 26 1/2 Smoothbore -- $65 to $175 From the Blue Book of Gun Values


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what exactly is the question any other information on the rifle?

A centerfire rifle is a rifle that is chambered for a centerfire cartridge. Centerfire cartridges are characterized by a primer that is located in the center of the case head, as opposed to inside the rim (which would make it rimfire).

The stevens model 54 crack shot rifle was made by savage/stevens from 1933-1942.There was a total production of 23,500 rifles made during that time span.

for a rifle it is thought to be a .50 calibre but a gun company made there own for there own sniper rifle the .408 calibre

There are any number of things NOT found in a centerfire rifle cartridge. However, what WILL be found is a centerfire primer, a cartridge case, powder and bullet.

the Stevens model 16 sidelever was made from 1900 to 1913

No. Yes they do: Marlin 917VS rifle

The .243. It's basically a necked down .308 Winchester.

2 types of 25 caliber Stevens. 1. In centerfire, you have 25-20 Stevens and I believe 25-50 Stevens of which brass is available from Midway. 2. In rimfire you have the 25. rimfire round which apparently is unavailable as I am currently searching for a source.

Of course rifle condition is a big factor. If its mint condition I would say about $275

No. The terms "rimfire" & "centerfire" should self-explain. On rimfire the priming compound is in the rim of the cartridge and on centerfire the primer with the priming compound is in the center of the cartridge.

An autoloading centerfire rifle made from 1960-1980

This all depends on the calibre of said rifle make and model :)

The Winchester Company introduced the 32 Calibre rifle in 1873. For it they created four different types of bullets including the Winchester 32 special.

There are 22 caliber centerfire cartridges such as the .22 Hornet and others, but ordinary 22 cartridges (short, long, long rifle) are rimfire.

It's Japanese, and the rifle uses the 7.7x58mm Arisaka cartridge.

Not without some adapter device.

For a rifle it would be the 2 Bore.

It is about 31-32 inches, total. It appears to be a 22 rifle for a child. Single shot, lever action. Very cool!

The Lee-Enfield rifle of 0.303" calibre.

Take a look at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

A 243 calibre rifle is Just that. The bore (internal measurement of the barrel) is 0.243 of an inch in diameter.

You will have to specify if it is a muzzle loader or a centerfire.

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