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hi, i have one with a 12 inch barrel, its classified as a hand gun in Ontario, Canada, i paid $150 for mine. i can take it to the range and shoot it, but I'm going to load up some brass cases after i shorten them up.2 1/4 inch i think, Bryan. we can also have the marbles guns registered as hand guns, got 2 of them. I'm in Canada so there just handguns, no special permits needed.

AnswerIt doesn't carry a high value, $300 - $350 in 100% condition according to my Blue Book of Gun Values (2004 edition). However, it can have a very high price - a $250,000 fine and/or 10 years at a federal facility if it is not properly registered. These were manufactured in the 1920's and early 30's but banned by the Gun Control Act of 1934. The BATF is usually pretty lenient if this was found in a deceased grandfather's attic or something, but if they find it in connection with a criminal investigation they can be pretty rough. If you do not have registration papers, go through all of the grandfather's papers and find them. If the registration cannot be found, the usual advice is to separate the barrel from the action and dispose of each in widely separated and very deep lakes. If you can find a friendly gunsmith who is willing to take on the job, it could be "legalized" by making the barrel 18" long (and the overall length over 26") or converting it to a .38 pistol by permanantly inserting a rifled sleeve. You should consult an attorney who is familiar with firearms laws and let him him advise you.

P.S. If it does end up being destroyed or surrendered to the BATF, you can keep all the small parts - everything except the frame and barrel. They would have a value to someone with a registered Stevens No. 35 and the holster would probably bring $100 or more by itself.

AnswerThese guns were classified as short-barreled shotguns by the Gun Control Act of 1934, and are subject to the same regulations as fully-automatic machine guns. If not registered in the 1930's or during an amnesty period in the 1960's, it is illegal to possess the gun - fines up to $250,000 and/or 10-years prison time. If the gun was registered, the registration papers must remain with the gun. Transfers of ownership must be through a licensed Class 3 firearms dealer after payment of a $200 (I think) transfer fee and a thorough background check of the buyer by the ATF. AnswerI'll take one step back. Some of these pistols were made with an 18.5" barrel. If you one of these AND the entire gun is over 26" long, it is NOT classified as a Class 3 weapon by the ATF. AnswerI've got one of these. It is classified under the National Firearms Act as an "any other weapon" and requires registration with ATF to legally possess it. It is impossible to register an unregistered example. A registered example can be transfered for $5. For information on how go to subguns

For my excellent condition regsitered version I paid I think $500 two years ago, and its the only one I've ever seen.

AnswerI paid $200.00 for one in very nice condition about two years ago. . AnswerDate is definitely prior to 1933. That year you had a choice of registering these short-barreled shotguns or turning them in. If you missed that date, there was an amnesty period in 1968. If it is still not registered, I doubt if you will ever get another chance to make it legal. If you do not have the registration papers, consult an attorney who is familiar with firearms laws. Assuming that you are in the US, the penalty for possession can be 10 years at a federal facility and/or a $250,000 fine. A properly registered Stevens shot pistol is only listed for about $300 in my price guides, but I would expect it would bring more from someone who is willing to go through the hassle of getting approval for a transfer from the BATF, especially if it is truly in NRA Excellent condition. AnswerI have 2 of these great guns and they're both registered with the Fed Gov in Washington DC Now what are they worth??? ALL you can get for them.. Mine are NOT for sale.. AnswerIt's not worth a whole lot. $2-300 according to the price guides. However, that assumes you are in the US and have the correct BATF paperwork. Most of these have barrels less than 18 inches long and are classified as a "short barreled shotgun". The penalty for possession of an unregistered gun is the same as that for having a fully automatic machine gun, a fine in six digits and a 10 year stretch in a federal facility. "Innocent possession", meaning you found it in your deceased uncle's attic, will only result in confiscation of the firearm, but if it is found by the authorities while they are investigating you for some other matter, they may get rough. If you do not have the paperwork, I would search that uncle's house from top to bottom for some official-looking documents from the BATF. If you find the registration, you should probably have an attorney who is familiar with firearms law handle the process of getting it transferred to your name. If you don't have a squeaky-clean record, you may have to let it go to another relative. If you can't locate the paperwork, I've often heard the advice of "separate the frame from the barrel and dispose of each in widely separated deep bodies of water." That's a viable option, but I don't recommend it. You should contact an attorney and let him negotiate with the BATF. They MAY find their copy of the records, but that is unlikely and I suspect they won't look too hard. If you can prove your gun was manufactured prior to 1899and it is chambered for one of the obsolete shot shells (38-40 or 44-40) instead of .410, you may get it exempted as an antique. If not, you should be able to surrender only the frame and barrel, saving all the other parts to sell to someone who owns a legally registered pocket shotgun. Of course, if your barrel is a full 18 inches long and the overall length of the gun is 26 inches, the gun is legal.

Answer OP is in Canada, and the US advice does not apply. Even if you're in the US, any SOT FFL can make a short shotgun and register it, but there will be a $200 transfer fee to return it.

They're not worth a tremendous amount. Several people have commented with estimates.


I have a 72+ year old neighbor who's husband passed away 2 years ago at the age of 80. She found some guns of his and wanted me to check on the value so she could sale them. In my research of the Steven's 410 Pistol/shotgun I found your website. What should I suggest for her to do with this gun?

Answer You should probably start a new topic. However, if it's a shotgun, it can be sold. A short barreled shotgun (under 18" barrel, 26" overall) would need to be registered with ATF. If it was not done so by her husband, best would be to dismount and destroy the barrel. There's no need to destroy the receiver. It's perfectly legal without a barrel, and replacement barrels are available.

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Q: What is the value of a J Stevens 410 break-top single-shot shotgun pistol with a 12 inch barrel and a leather holster?
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