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Whatever someone is willing to pay!


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i would pay $100 dollars for it.

it depend on the watch's conditions. Between 350$-700$. Check it on Ebay, there are always some for sell.

its worth half of what you paid for it ...

The value for a fully signed Real Madrid shirt from 03-04 will depend on who signed the shirt and the rarity and conditon of the shirt. A person should have the item appraised by a professional for the true value.

her guardian angel in 1949

That was issued in 1975. It has a face value of ten cents.

I have a raider shirt (not jersy) with 15 autographs of Raiders including M Anderson,Aack Crockett, Ray Buchanan trying to find out value, if any. thanks Juanita

The value of a 1983 Keith Reynolds autographed America's Cup serigraph depends on its condition. This item in mint condition is valued between 55.00 and 85.00 as of 2014.

Obviously you have such a shirt,are you interested in selling this?e-mail me at

400-600 pounds in 2012 depends if framed

the value of one shirt is 3,000 dollars if its a nice one but her clothes are usually over5,000 dollars

The "Angel" was a gold coin first introduced into England by Edward IV in 1465. The coin came from France where it was known as an "Angelot". It was briefly known as an "Angel-Noble", the "Noble" being the coin it replaced. The "Angel" had an initial value of Six Shillings and Eight Pence (or one-third of a Pound or 80 Pence). During the 16th Century, the value of the "Angel" changed from values between 80 Pence to 132 Pence (or 11 Shillings). The dimensions of the coin also changed reflecting the relative value of the coin. The "Angel" was effectively replaced in 1663 when the standard issue gold coin became the "Guinea".

It goes for $1,500 at lowest price and goes for more if you have a dedicated buyer.

$1,500. Not the one that had nasty "fun" stains on it... but the other other ones.

Right now (FEB 2011) there are several on eBay, selling for about 400. Or trying to sell -- no bidders. These are tough times. I am going to hold on to mine, as these were only made in 1985, and they can only go up in value. = = = "The radio seldom pops up for sale, mostly on eBay when it does. Most of the radios seem to be still in their original box, never used as yours is. They will go up in value, so hold onto it and keep it in as pristine condition as possible, given the competition among remaining radios. There is one for sale on eBay for $2,500, but a more realistic value range would be $200 - $400 for now. " (2005)

Try eBayeBay would be a good place to sell the A Keith Hernandez baseball card. If you sell the card to a memorabilia dealer you will only get about half the market value or less depending on how long the dealer feels it will take to resell. You will get the most value from a collector.

Keith A. Lampi has written: 'Alternative value estimates for a nonconsumptive public good' -- subject(s): Cross-country skiing, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Cross-country skiing

Sorry, George Best never played for the Rowdies.

because the parents love the child so much the value it as an angel

how much for a 1877 20 franc angel coin

By cross merchandising, focus on high value product, suggestive sale (1pc extra sale) e.g. a belt with trouser or tie with shirt.

A double dollar sign in php makes a variable with a name equal to the value of the original variable. It works like this:$var = "keith";$$var = "palmer";print ($keith);// The output is: palmer

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