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search Winchester commemorative collectors .com this unit came in carbine and long rifle as a matched set if you have both new in box w/ papers and ser.numbers in sync it would be in the ball park of 1500 dollar range if only one w/ box and papers 650 good luck

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 11:16:14
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Q: What is the value of a Lone Star Commemorative W94 1845-1970 30-30 repeater never fired?
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What is the value of a smith and Wesson model 4006 police commemorative never fired?

500 give or take

What is the value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired.?

The value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired varies depending on the specific model and year it was produced. Early and commemorative models are worth between $1,000 and $3,000.

What is the value ofA Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle model 94 still in box never fired has all factory papers?

675 dollars for a rifle as you have described.

What is the value of a mint condition never fired john Wayne commemorative 32-40 model 94 rifle?

If mint, about 50$ more than a regular specimen.

What is the value of Winchester Coca Cola Model 1500 commemorative 12 gauge never been fired still in box?

try this website:

What is the value of a Winchester lever action 30-30 1866 commerative?

The 1966 commemorative rifle or carbine are worth 595.00 dollars if they have never been fired,new in the box.

What is the value of my Winchester 30-30 Buffalo Bill Commemorative WC27161?

If in mint condition, having never fired or chambered a round, with original packaging and paperwork, about 600-650. If not, 300.

What is the value of a Winchester 94 30-30 Illinois Sesquicentennial Commemorative that has never been fired and has no marks or scratches in the original finish?

I have been trying to find the answer to your question as well. So far I've found that auction price is anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00. If it has never been fired and you still have the box they can go for $550.00.

What is the value of a oliver Winchester commemorative rifle in box and two boxes of ammo?

The value of your oliver Winchester that was made in 1980 is going for 750 dollars if new and never fired in the original box.

What is the value of Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle and carbine consecutive serial numbers - 104576 and 104577?

your 2 gun set of winchester commemorative,s are valued at 1400-1450 dollars if you have never fired your firearms(i e new in the box) and you have both boxes and hang tags that were issued with your firearms.

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What are 2 Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative round barrel rifles with consecutive serial numbers worth in the original box with original papers never fired and excellent condition?

400-1000 USD or so

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What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 rifle Chevrolet commemorative edition?

If this gun is new in box (never fired) and you have original documents the estimated value could range from $900. to $1500. Condition is everything. Maybe as low as only $500. if it has been hunted with.

What is a Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative serial CB26770 round barrel in the original box with original papers which was purchased around 1971 and never fired worth?

According to the Blue Book, it is worth $450, unless it is marked "1 of 300". Then it lists for $2,750.

What is a beautiful never fired Marlin 22 lever action bought in the 60's worth now?

If you can PROOVE that it's never been fired...about $600-800

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How much is your 1968 model 94 Teddy Roosevelt thirty-thirty mint condition has tags no box never fired worth?

Your Winchester Commemorative rifle will bring 695.00 dollars in the condition that you describe including the hang tags.I for one do not feel that the loss of the original box will effect the price.

What is the value of a s and w 681 Tulsa pd issue still in box never been fired?

There is no way that it has never been fired. Maybe never been fired by you, but all the weapons the Tulsa Police Department bought have been fired. Officers were required to qualify with it once a year on the range and had to put somewhere between 90 (Minimum) to several hundred rounds through it when practicing and qualifying each year.

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Is there a Winchester Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06 Rifle?

Winchester says they never made a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-06, but they do have a Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Model 94 chambered in 30-30. They also have Limited Edition Model 1895s (Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rifle) in the 30-06 caliber that have Roosevelt's picture on the box, but they're not technically Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative models. Hope that helps.