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What is the value of a Louisville Slugger bat with Sammy Sosa's signature?

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What has the author rafael Sosas Dias written?

rafael Sosas Dias has written: 'Puertas Interiores'

Before choosing baseball what was Sammy Sosas favorite sport?

Sammy sold oranges on the street and shined shoes to make ends meet for his mother and six siblings. He started baseball when he was fourteen only he played with and branch for a bat and a milk carton for a glove.

When did paranormal start?

yestrday in the yard in alex sosas yard

How much is Sammy Sosas fleer 1990 card worth?

1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa Rookie card number 548A 1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa rookie card number 548 has a book value of about $2.50 in Near Mint - Mint condition . Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important.Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

How did tony Montana die?

He was shot,by Sosas main hitman.but in the video game Tony shoots the hitman and tracks down Sosa

Whats Kenny sosas phone number?

The personal phone and cell numbers of celebrities and athletes are not disclosed due to security reasons.

What hits farther Louisville slugger or Rawlings?

Louisville slugger

Who is is the first baseball player to have his singature into a Louisville Slugger?

Honus Wagner. Wagner signed a contract to endorse Louisville Slugger in 1905. His signature was the first to be used on a bat and he was the first professional athlete to endorse an athletic product.

What is the web address of the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville Kentucky?

The web address of the Louisville Slugger Museum is:

Where are Louisville slugger bats made?


Where are Louisville slugger mitts made?

In Louisville

Where is the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville Kentucky located?

The address of the Louisville Slugger Museum is: 800 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

What is the phone number of the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville Kentucky?

The phone number of the Louisville Slugger Museum is: 502-588-7228.

What is a Louisville landmark?

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Where is the home of Louisville slugger baseball bats?


Does Corey Hart use a Louisville Slugger?

Yes baseball player Corey Hart uses a Louisville Slugger. Corey Hart plays for the Milwaukee Brewers and uses a R221 Wood model Louisville Slugger.

When was the Louisville Slugger bat invented?

Check out the link below to learn the history of the Louisville Slugger.

What is the ticker for Louisville slugger?

Louisville Slugger bats are produced by Hillerich and Bradsby. They are privately held and not listed on stock exchanges.

Where is the louisville slugger museum located?

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory is located at 800 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky. It is open every day of the week until 5pm, showcasing the history of the Louisville Slugger brand of baseball bats, and the history of baseball in general.

What is a 1920 Louisville slugger Ty Cobb 250 worth?

Ty cobb louisville slugger hillerich & bradsby 33" bat value?

What is a Louisville Slugger 40 GS?

It is a 1930's Model Louisville Slugger retail model bat that should be endorsed by George Sisler

What is a Louisville Slugger bat?

It is a brand of baseball bat (originally wooden) that is manufactured by Louisville Slugger. It is the official bat of the Major League Baseball.

Who baseball bat was called black beauty?

I have a 1950s Louisville Slugger bat marked Black Beauty and also with Ted Williams stamped signature

What is the city of Louisville KY known for?

It is the home of the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Slugger.

What are some human characteristics of Louisville?

The Belle of Louisville, the Slugger Museum, etc