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Not a commemorative, but more of a limited edition. Doesn't really hold any more value than the standard model unless it is absolutely new in the box with all accompanying paperwork. Figure $200-$250.

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What does roundup ready mean in plant science?

Roundup is the name of a herbicide used by farmers to kill weeds. A plant is said to be roundup ready if it is resistant to roundup, so that you can spray a field with roundup and it will kill the weeds but won't kill the roundup ready crop.

What is the Mexican term for 'roundup'?

El rodeo.

Where is the Roundup School-Community Library in Roundup located?

The address of the Roundup School-Community Library is: 601 6Th Ave West, Roundup, 59072 M

What grasses does roundup kill?

all of them, roundup is not a selective herbicide

When was Saturday Roundup created?

Saturday Roundup was created in 1951.

Does Clorox neutralize roundup oder?

does roundup and clorox mix

Do you have roundup ready pumpkins?

do you have roundup ready pumpkin seed

What is the duration of Saturday Roundup?

The duration of Saturday Roundup is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Junior Roundup?

The duration of Junior Roundup is 3600.0 seconds.

How do you use roundup in a sentence?

The cowboys are going to throw a roundup tomorrow.

Does roundup hurt the soil?

Most varieties of Roundup have no presence in the soil, the only effect what they come in contact with. The exception to this would be Roundup Brush and Ivy Killer and Roundup Extended Control, both of which have a soil residual.

What part of this speech is the word roundup in this sentences Today they were going on a roundup?

A noun.

Where can you get licensed to spray roundup in Florida?

Is it illegal tp sprao Roundup in Florida

When was Roundup Central School created?

Roundup Central School was created in 1910.

Will roundup kill cat's claw vine?

Roundup will kill all vines.

What is the phone number of the Roundup School-Community Library in Roundup?

The phone number of the Roundup School-Community Library is: 406-323-1802.

How can you make 0.08 equals 1 in Microsoft Excel?

You can use the Roundup function as follows: =ROUNDUP(0.08,0) or if the 0.08 is in a cell, say B2 then: =ROUNDUP(B2,0)

What part of speech is the word roundup?

"Roundup" is fundamentally a noun, but can also be used as a verb .

What is the duration of Saddle Mountain Roundup?

The duration of Saddle Mountain Roundup is 3540.0 seconds.

How many ounces of Roundup per gallon water?

How many ounces of roundup to 60 gallons

Does roundup kill Saint Augustine?

Yes it will. Roundup will kill almost anything that is green and growing.

When was Roundup - album - created?

Roundup - album - was created on 2003-04-04.

Does roundup contain alcohol?

Roundup is a weed killer. No, it does not contain alcohol. It contains a poison called Glyphosate.

What is the name of the active ingredient of 'Roundup'?

It's the isopropyl amine salt of glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl glysine).

How does Roundup ready seed work?

To oversimplify it, a gene is inserted into the plant that keeps the plant from metabolizing glyphosate (roundup).