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What is the value of a Michael Jordan baseball card?

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2010-01-07 21:56:51
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There are quite a few Michael Jordan baseball cards that range in value from $1.-$25.

You would have to be more specific to the year, the company and number of the card you are looking for. Here is a list of some (Followed by Book Value)

  • 1994 Fun Pack #170 Michael Jordan Rookie card ($18.00)
  • 1994 Upper Deck #19 Michael Jordan Rookie card (5.00)
  • 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #19 ($12.00)
  • 1995 Collector's Choice Gold Signature #500 ($25.00)
  • 1995 Upper Deck Steal of a Deal #SD15 ($25.00)
  • 1995 Collector's Choice SE #238 ($1.00)

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