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50-125 US Dollars

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Q: What is the value of a Montgomery Wards 20 gage Hawthorne model 110 serial ejv 110?
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Who makes a hawthorne 410 model M150B bolt action shotgun?

Mossberg made most of the Hawthorne bolt action shotguns. They were sold as a Montgomery Wards special.

What is the hawthorne warrior M825 22lr rifle?

The Hawthorne Warrior M825 .22 LR was sold by Montgomery Wards in 1957 and 1958. It is actually a Mossberg Model 140 rifle.

Hawthorne Century Bolt Action 22 Rifle from Montgomery Wards. Any pictures or information on this?

Several companies made firearms marked with the Hawthorne and Westernfield Brands of Montgomery Wards. They inlcuded Mossberg and Savage, along with Noble, Colt, Marlin and Winchester. If you will repost with the model number, we may be able to match it to the original make/model.

Is there such a thing as an Ithaca Model 48?

Yes...I have one. It has no serial number, and my Dad purchased it from Montgomery Wards in 1968ish

Who manufactured a 20 gauge ranger gun model 30 serial number U39961?

Stevens, sold at Montgomery Wards.

What is the year of a wards western fields model 30 with a serial number of U 27902 manufactured?

Your wards Westernfield model 30 was made for Montgomery Wards by the stevens Firearm company.The Stevens model 520 and yours are the same firearm.These shotguns were made from 1936-1942.

Who makes hawthorne 22 cal rifle?

Without more information (model number or description) we cannot give you an answer for certain, however, most of the Hawthorne branded rifles were made for Montgomery Wards stores by the Mossberg Company

What is the value of Montgomery Wards- Hawthorne model 880- 22lr cal.?

These demand very little in price.I would assign a price of 50-100 dollars max.

How old is a wards wester field mod 47a?

Your montgomery wards westernfield model 47a was made by mossberg for montgomery wards.The mossberg model designation for this model is 45A.The mossberg model 45A was made between 1937-1938.

Who made hawthorne model m13d 22 cal pellet pistol for Montgomery ward?

According to the latest information. Crosman corp made all the pellet guns and rifles for Montgomery Wards under the Hawthorne brand. Go to the CROSMAN home page and click on manuals at the bottom of the home page. It list all the model airguns that hey have made.

Who manufactured wards western field model 368?

Savage Fire Arms Company for Montgomery Wards

What is the value and history of a Hawthorne Warrior model m820b 22 S-L-LR rifle?

Hawthorne was sold through Montgomery Wards. The 820b is actually a Mossberg 320b sold under the Hawthorne trade name. Book value is $20 to $100 US, but they are great little rifles.

What is the value of a Model 30 serial number 71516?

That is an old Stevens Model 520 built for Montgomery Wards in the 1920's. Not considered a collectible, value tops out around $150.

Who made the Wards Western field model87 sb87-ta simi auto rifle?

The wards westernfield model sb87-ta was made by the stevens firearm company for montgomery wards(westerfield).There model # was stevens model M87.

What years were the Western Field M550AL made for Montgomery Wards?

Your westernfield model 550Al was made by mossberg for the montgomery wards co.(westernfield).These shotguns are still being made and are quite popular.I would check at mossberg,s site.The model designation for your wards shotgun made by mossberg is the mossberg model 500.

What year is Montgomery Wards Microwave Model KSA-8219A?


What is the age of model m149 hawthorne 20 gauge shotgun?

I got my in 1960 from monkey wards

Any info on wards western field model 25XNH-10N?

If yours is a single shot .22, it was made for Montgomery Wards by Noble- and it is a Noble Model 10.

When was the wards western field model 85-sb85-ta made?

Your rifle was made for Montgomery Wards by Springfield, and is a Springfield model 85. They were made from 1939 to 1948.

What is Western Field model 78?

Your westernfield model 78 is actually a mossberg model 472 that was made for Montgomery wards.

Who made westernfield shotgun model 600a eri serial number 04756v?

The Western Field model 600 ERI shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by Remington.The Remington model SPT-58 is the same shotgun as yours.

What is the age of a western fields 12 gauge shotgun serial number M550Ar?

No published sn data.The western field model M550ar was made by the firm Mossberg and sons for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) The Mossberg model 500AB is the same shotgun.this shotgun was made from 1962-1998.By being a wards Western Field we may be able to say that the time frame will be between 1962-1985 when Montgomery wards went out of business.

What company made the Montgomery wards model 550cd 20 gauge shotgun?

Mossberg made the Wards model 550cd. In fact, they made all of the 500 series shotguns sold by Wards. lcj

What is the value of a wards western field model 87-SB 87-TA?

Your montgomery wards shotgun was made by stevens for montgomery wards.The stevens model designation is stevens model M87.These shotguns are valued at between 50-150 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What year was model f 25 ns-4665 Montgomery wards sewing machine?

Google the make and model number

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