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Empire was a trade name used by the Crescent Arms Co. on utility grade shotguns. The Empire No. 60 (as opposed to the Certified Empire No. 60) was a hammerless sidelock and could bring up to $500, depending upon condition, guage and configuration.

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Q: What is the value of a No. 60 Empire hammerless?
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What is the value of a Crescent model 60 Empire double barrel hammerless in good condition?


What is a 12 gauge 60 empire hammerless shotgun worth?

Value will most likely not exceed 100 USD.

What is the value of a Crescent Arms 20 gauge double barrel Empire model 60 hammerless shotgun?

The Crescent Arms "Empire Hammerless" double barrel (20 guage) is not a collectable gun, but is a "shooter". Thus, in shootable condition, it is worth about $200. That's what I paid for mine, strictly for bird hunting.

What is the value of an Empire State Arms top break 5-shot 32 caliber 3.2 barrel hammerless revolver with 142212 on heel of butt?

10-60 usd

How much is a crescent firearms company number 60 empire hammerless serial number 39499?


What is the value of a model 60 empire hammerless 16 gage serial 13175 and year made?

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co, Norwich, CT, 1892-1931. Value if complete and functional, $200-250. If busted or rusted, $20-50.

Hello What is the age and value of a crescent Fire Arms Co 12g dou marked No 60 Empire Hammerless serial no 32976. in good cond. Thanks...?

70-100 years. 50-150 USD

Price on a Crescent Firearm Empire Hammerless Double Barrell 12 gauge Model 60?

Seldom bring more than 100 USD unless mint.

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where can i find a Forend, Butt stock and plate and trigger guard for a NO. 60 Empire Hammerless 12 gauge. " Cresent "?

What is the value of 32 sw ctg hammerless IT HAS A SAFETY ON THE GRIP AND IT IS HAMMERLESS SERIAL 241077?

10-70 usd

What is the value of 1897 Iver Johnson hand gun?

This was probably either a Safety Hammer Model or Safety Hammerless Model made from 1892 to 1950. In the 2004 Blue Book the Hammerless was worth $60 in 60% condition and $125 in 100% condition and the Safety Hammer model was worth $40 and $100 respectively.

The year the 38 hammerless automatic revolverWhat is the value of the hammerless 38 revolver made in march of 1888?


What is the value and model of a double barrel hammerless Ithaca shotgun with the serial 109326 in 60 percent condition?

Its the Lewis Model, from c.1905. In 60% condition, I would expect to retail at $350-$400.

What is the value of a savage 16ga single shot hammerless?

50-100 USD

What is the selling value of a model 38 special hammerless?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a 1896 H and R hammerless revolver?

10-100 usd

What is the selling value of a model 38 hammerless 38 special?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a Harrington and Richardson hammerless 38 serial 63XXX?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a springfield hammerless single shot 28 gauge?

50-150 USD

Value of a 6.35 1913 hammerless pistol?

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a colt 380 hammerless serial number 87805?

50-500 usd

What is the value of Colt 32 automatic serial 376151?

I have a colt 32 automatic hammerless pistol and i would like to know the value of it.

What is the value of a 1903 Colt Hammerless 380 Pocket Model Serial 134628 in good condition?

value depends on overall condition..............

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What is the value of a colt automatic hammerless 380 serial number 77266?