What is the value of a Priscilla print from Ullman Mfg?

There were several different prints in the Ullman Mfg. Co. Priscilla series, copyright c. 1898-1899. All Ullman prints were mass produced and distributed via large retailers, so they are not particularly scarce or valuable, although one antique store listed one Priscilla issue at $375.

In general, Ullman framed lithographs sell for $35-90 in online auctions and on commercial websites, and a little higher, $115-140, at live auctions.

Antique stores tend to overprice the merchandise: recent [December 2010] prices recorded from $195 (Swinburne Seascape) to $375 (Priscilla, "Why don't you speak for yourself, John?"). The identical framed Priscilla image sold for only $80 in 2006; and for $25 in 2008.

Value is dictated by how readily available a particular print is in the marketplace at the time a person decides to buy, how much the buyer wants the print, and whether other potential buyers are also showing interest.